Hist. 7

  1. first document that legally bound the colonies together
    Articles of Confederation
  2. what ordinance provided for the entire Northwest Territory to be surveyed and divided into townships
    The Land Ordinance of 1785
  3. what is the only branch of government in the Articles of Confederation
    bicameral (two house) legislature
  4. ordinance provided for the gradual development of self-government in the Northwest Territory
    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  5. who led an army of farmers and debtors in rebellion in western Massachusetts
    Daniel Shays
  6. Author to several famous documents
    John Dickinson
  7. "Father of the Constitution"
    James Madison
  8. Where and when was the Constitution Convention?

    who led it? 

    How many delegates were there?
    • Philadelphia in 1787
    • George Washington
    • fifty-five
  9. what plan was based on a bicameral (two-house) legislature with representation based on state population
    the Virginia Plan
  10. plan with equal representation for all states
    the New Jersey Plan
  11. Also known as the Great Compromise this settled the debate over representation in Congress
    the Connecticut Compromise
  12. Alexander Hamilton's followers who wanted the constitution adopted
  13. who was the first to ratify the constitution
  14. What was the max number of states that could be formed in the Northwest Territory
  15. the first ten amendments to the Constitution
    Bill of Rights *(1791)*
  16. Three branches of the Constitution
    • legislative branch
    • executive branch 
    • judicial branch
  17. which branch passes the laws
    legislative branch
  18. which branch enforces the laws
    executive branch
  19. what branch interprets the laws in the courts
    judicial branch
  20. who was the most influential Baptist minister of Massachusetts
    Isaac Backus
  21. most influential Virginia Baptist leader
    John Leland
  22. one of the greatest french political thinkers of the Modern Age, published Democracy in America 
    Alexis de Tocqueville
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