ASP Dot NET Core

  1. scaffolding (def'n)
    A code generation framework for ASP.NET Web applications. Visual Studio 2013 includes pre-installed code generators for MVC and Web API projects. You add this to your project when you want to quickly add code that interacts with data models.
  2. Yoeman (def'n)
    An open source client-side development stack, consisting of tools and frameworks intended to help developers build web applications (used on Mac and Linux).
  3. bower (def'n)
    a package manager used to install client side packages, such as Jquery, bootstrap, AngularJs
  4. gulp (def'n)
    a task runner used to compile and minify all CSS and javascript files, as they are being compiled in the application itself.

    It allows you to manage all your CSSĀ  and javascript files buy running different tasks.
  5. minify (def'n)
    In gulp you can do this to improve the overall performance of our sites and applications by making our javascript amount smaller to reduce the file size and concatenating our files to reduce the number of file requests.
  6. project.json (def'n)
    maintains a list of packages used in a project, known as a package reference format. It supersedes packages.config but is in turn superseded by PackageReference with NuGet 4.0+.
  7. global.jason (def'n)
    allows selection of the .NET Core tools version being used through the sdk property.

    In addition, .NET Core CLI tools look for this file in the current working directory (which isn't necessarily the same as the project directory) or one of its parent directories.
  8. Startup.cs (def'n)
    is a replacement for the Global.asax file ( an optional file to handle Application level events in ASP.NET applications) in ASP.NET Web Form applications.
  9. Global.asax (def'n)
    is the application file. It is an optional file that handles events raised by ASP.NET or by HttpModules.
  10. package (def'n)
    a .zip file with one or more assemblies of the same name along with additional metadata such as the author name.
  11. assembly (def'n)
    A .dll file that contains a collection of APIs that can be called by apps or other assemblies.
  12. IHostingEventEnvironment type (def'n)
    Provides information for your hosting environment for your application.

    Additionally, can be passed in as parameter in your Startup.cs file's constructor for an ASP .NET web application.
  13. IHostingEnvironment.ContentRootPath (def'n)
    Gets or sets absolute path for the directory that contains the applications Contents file.
  14. SetBasePath() (def'n)
    member function of IConfigurationBuilder type that sets the FileProvider for file based providers to a PhysicalFileProvider with the basePath
  15. AddEnvironmentVariables() (def'n)
    Member function of IConfigurationBuilder that adds an IConfigurationProvider that reads configuration values from environment variables.
  16. Configure() in the Startup.cs file (purpose)
    This method gets called by the runtime. Use this method to configure the HTTP request pipeline (contained in the Startup.cs file)
  17. MVC (def'n)
    is a rich framework used for building web applications, and APIs using the Model View Controller design pattern.
  18. Controller (MVC) (purpose)
    In MVC pattern, this portion of the code decides which view to display to the user, and provides that view with any model data that it requires.
  19. @ViewBag (MVC) (purpose)
    In the MVC framework, property enables you to dynamically share values from the controller to the view. It is a dynamic object which means it has no pre-defined properties.

    In a nutshell, it gets the dynamic view data dictionary.
  20. rimraf (gulp) (purpose)
    This is a Node.js module that provides asynchronous deep-deletion of files and directories. Replaces the rm -r shell command(remove recursively and force it)

    In a nutshell,this package in gulp is associated with node deletion.
  21. bootstrap (def'n)
    a free and open-source front-end web framework for designing websites and web applications (used a lot with AngularJS & the ASP. NET Core)
  22. advantages and features in bootstrap (list)
    • automatically handles width changes in browser.
    • default layouts look great out of the box
    • integrates well with other frame works like asp .net mvc and angularjs
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