Ch. 8 and Ch. 9 - Set 1

  1. -First president of the United States
    -Responsible for setting lots of precedents (traditions) in the White House
    George Washington
  2. -First VP of the United States
    -Elected second president after George Washington served two terms
    John Adams
  3. -Tax on imported goods
  4. -Rebellion in 1794
    -Farmers revolted over a special tax that was put on whiskey
    Whiskey Rebellion
  5. -Established the federal court system
    -State courts could still remain, but federal courts could reverse state decisions (think federalism)
    Judiciary Act of 1789
  6. -First secretary of treasury
    -Created the first national bank
    -Federalist; pro-manufacturing
    -Believed in strong centralized government
    Alexander Hamilton
  7. -One of the first political parties
    -Wanted a strong centralized government
    -Wanted a loose interpretation of the Constitution
    Federalist Party
  8. -First Secretary of State and third President
    -Was against a strong centralized government
    -Leader of the Democratic-Republican Party
    Thomas Jefferson
  9. -One of the first political parties
    -Didn't want a strong central government
    -In favor of a strict interpretation of the Constitution
    Democratic-Republican Party
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Ch. 8 and Ch. 9 - Set 1
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