GRE Vocabulary

  1. Substantiate
    (v) to establish by evidence; verify; support
  2. Levee
    (n) earthen or stone embarkment to prevent flooding
  3. Emollient
    • (adj) soothing, especially to the skin; making less harsh; mollifying;
    • (n) an agent that softens or smoothes the skin
  4. Problematic
    (adj) doubtful; unsettled; questionable; perplexing
  5. Prohibitive
    (adj) tending to prevent the purchase or use of something; inclined to prevent or forbid
  6. Cardinal
    • (adj)
    • of basic importance or consequence; primary
  7. Viable
    (adj) practical or workable; capable of maintaining life
  8. Indeterminate
    (adj) uncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite
  9. Resolve
    (n) determination; firmness of purpose
  10. Quibble
    • (n) a minor objection or complaint
    • (v) cavil (to raise trivial and frivolous objection)
  11. Sententious
    (adj) aphoristic or moralistic; epigrammatic; tending to moralize excessively; saying much in a few words; pithy
  12. Subside
    (v) settle down; grow quiet; descend
  13. Pellucid
    (adj) transparent, easy to understand, limpid
  14. Permeable
    (adj) penetrable;porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through
  15. Condone
    (v) to overlook; forgive; give tacit approval; excuse
  16. Pathological
    (adj) related to the studying of disease; diseased or markedly abnormal
  17. Latent
    (adj) potential, but undeveloped; dormant; hidden
  18. Irresolute
    (adj) uncertain how to act; weak
  19. Tangential
    (adj) peripheral; only slightly connected; digressing
  20. Stipulate
    (v) to make express conditions; specify
  21. Incorporate
    (v) to introduce something into a larger whole; combine; unite
  22. Levity
    (n) lack of seriousiness or steadiness; frivolity
  23. Voluble
    (adj) fluent, verbal, having easy use of spoken language
  24. Distend
    (v) to expand; swell out
  25. Untenable
    (adj) indefensible, not viable, uninhabitable
  26. Savor
    (v) to enjoy; to have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality
  27. Warranted
    (adj) justified; authorized
  28. Divest
    (v) to strip, deprive
  29. Preamble
    (n) introductory statement
  30. Contention
    (n) claim; thesis
  31. Mendacious
    (adj) lying; habitually dishonest
  32. Perfidious
    (adj) treacherous, disloyal
  33. Puissance
    (n) power, strength
  34. Indigence
    (n) poverty
  35. Stygian
    (adj) dark, gloomy
  36. Unfeigned
    (adjective) genuine, not false or hypocritical
  37. Execrate
    (v) to denounce, feel loathing for, curse, declare to be evil
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