Bio 1

  1. What are the magnification capabilities of a stereoscope?
    It uses a beam of light to magnify 3-D images
  2. What is resolution?
    The power to show details clearly
  3. Which microscopes can't you see living things with?
    Stem, Tem
  4. On a light microscope, what is the diaphragm used for?
    Controls light passing through stage.
  5. On compound microscopes what is the ocular lens magnification?
  6. How can you tell the difference from course and fine focus?
    Coarse focus- large adjustments

    fine focus- small adjustments
  7. What is used to view something under a stereoscope ?
    A beam of light.
  8. What is Conclusion and Hypothesis
    Conclusion- what the effect is

    Hypothesis- what you think it is
  9. What characteristic of life is similar to an animals increasing their number?
    Having the ability to reproduce, pass on DNA, and evolve
  10. Define magnification.
    The increase of an objects apparent size.
  11. Define metabolism
    All chemical process that take place inside an organism
  12. Describe a microscopes function.
    Makes things bigger.
  13. Define homeostasis
    Maintaining things inside of your body. (Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Temperature, Water amount.)
  14. Answer to an observation.
  15. Part of experiment that that receives no change or treatment.
  16. Define biology
    The study of life.
  17. What are all organisms composed of?
  18. How to get total magnification
    • Ocular lens x objectives¬†
    • 10x times 4x, 10x, 40x
  19. All living things need what?
  20. What type of microscope has 200,000x magnification?
  21. What microscope bounces a beam of light off specimen coated with metal?
  22. What type of microscope can you look at bugs with?
  23. Coarse focus does what?
    Large adjustments
  24. What is the 4x, 10x, and 40x?
    the objectives
  25. what is the 10x?
    The ocular lense
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