Reducing Crime Through ILP

  1. What are the shared commonalities critical to the success of ILP for agencies
    • Command commitment
    • Problem clarity
    • Active collaboration
    • Effective intelligence
    • Information sharing
    • Clearly defined goals
    • Results-oriented tactics and strategies
    • Holistic investigations
    • Officer accountability
    • Continuous assessment
  2. ILP was implemented in varying degrees within agencies and was often complemented by what other policing practices
    • community policing
    • problem solving
    • CompStat based on robust data collection and analysis.
  3. What are programs principles for the BJA‟s
    • Emphasizing local control
    • Building relationships in the field
    • Developing collaborations and partnerships Promoting capacity building through planning Encouraging innovation
  4. The professional era of policing was born through?
    Former Berkley, California police Chief August Vollmenr
  5. What were the principles of Chief August Vollmenr
    He applied contemporary business management principles as well as ethical standards and a sense of professionalism to policing
  6. Not only did O. W Wilson solidify the professional model of policing, he also
    laid a solid foundation of thoughtful, empirically based police management and service delivery that was responsive to crime problems within the community
  7. When did a significant conceptual shift began occurring, building on the concept of empirical experimentation, toward community-based policing
    Around 1980
  8. The era of scientific policing was CompStat led by?
    The former New York Police Commissioner (and former Los Angeles Police Chief) William Bratton
  9. a scientific analysis of crime problems, an emphasis on creative and sustained approaches to solving the crime problems, and strict management accountability
    CompStat which introduced the era of smart policing
  10. When did the concept of ILP emerged in the United States
    As a result of the 9/11 attacks
  11. With roots in the British National Intelligence Model, the American ILP relies on
    analytically understanding multijurisdictional crime threats, developing a pathway toward solving the crime problems, and relying on proactive information sharing, both within the agency and externally with other law enforcement agencies, to maximize the number of law enforcement personnel who may identify indicators of threats and intervene.
  12. What provided important insight into how to shape American ILP
    • police research
    • community policing
    • CompStat
  13. The variables guiding the selection of the agencies and programs for review:
    • Viability
    • Collaboration
    • Transferability
    • Sustainability
  14. What was the most difficult to criteria to assess
  15. How many agencies participated in the ILP initiative
    • Austin, Texas, Police Department
    • 2. Evans County, Georgia, Sheriff‟s Office
    • 3. Medford, Oregon, Police Department
    • 4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Police Department
    • 5. Palm Beach County, Florida, Sheriff‟s Office
    • 6. Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department
    • 7. Richmond, Virginia, Police Department
    • 8. San Diego, California, Police Department
    • 9. San Francisco, California, Police Department
    • 10. Tampa, Florida, Police Department
  16. Each agency visited had different operational and organizational styles.  however a review of the programs revealed a number of key factors common to each
    • Command commitment
    • 2. Problem clarity
    • 3. Active collaboration
    • 4. Effective intelligence
    • 5. Information sharing
    • 6. Clearly defined goals
    • 7. Results-oriented tactics and strategies
    • 8. Holistic investigations
    • 9. Officer accountability
    • 10. Continuous assessment
  17. What keeps programs dynamic and viable.
    continuous assessment and adjustment
  18. What was one of the surprising ideas to emerge from this project
    Holistic Investigations
  19. What are the Two primary risks to sustainability
    • The first was the arrival of a new chief executive with a different vision.
    • The second was budget limitations that effectively gutted the program.
  20. Austin Texas P.D applied principles of crime prevention through environmental design proposed by who?
    C. Ray Jeffrey at Florida State University,
  21. What were the operational response time frames develop by Austin PD
    • Tactical time frame—4 hours
    • Operational time frame—24 hours
    • Strategic time frame—28 days
  22. Austin, Tx P.D  developed Rapid Response Teams (RRT) that is facilitated by who?
    the Tactical Lieutenant working with crime analysts in each Bureau
  23. RRT is a leadership cadre that develops plans and tactics for responding to problems. At what level does it operate
    at the regional level (not operational team)
  24. What agency produced the following intelligence products:
    E-Roll Call
    Patrol Alerts
    Open Case Alert
    Open Source Bulletins
    Evans County Sheriff's Office
  25. Which agency established goals aimed at improving the quality of life for its citizens through community problem solving, crime prevention strategies, and high clearance rates.
    Medford Police Department
  26. Major crimes, such as homicide at the Medford PD often have as many as how many officers assigned to a single case during the critical first 24 hours
  27. Based on performance indicators, Medford is the most productive agency in Oregon and not known as what type of police department
    "hug and release"
  28. After a thorough assessment of the problem, the command staff of the Milwaukee Police Department established what three goals
    • Reduce homicides and shootings through continual assessment.
    • Reduce violence and gang crime through enhanced intelligence-led policing.
    • Enhance public safety through hot-spot enforcement.
  29. The Milwaukee Police Department created and deployed what unit to increase the available resources in the area where they were most needed
    Neighborhood Task Force- mirrored a fully staffed district with its own uniformed patrol, investigators, and support.
  30. What agency administrators instituted a three-tiered management approach aimed at maintaining the focus in a manner acceptable to the community
    Palm Beach County Sheriff Office
  31. What were the five components to Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) in PBSO?
    • Multiagency investigative efforts
    • Intelligence
    • Community policing
    • Suppression/enforcement
    • Prosecution
  32. Analysts with the Phoenix Gang Task Force identified four criteria's to be used to identify gangs to be targeted which are
    • Size of the gang.
    • Level of activity involving drug trafficking.
    • Level of violence demonstrated by gang members.
    • Structural stability within the gang as determined by its organized command and control.
  33. As a result of the implementation of ILP in Phoenix, Arizona to address the gang violence, investigations led to how many arrest?
    The arrests of more than 400 gang members and their associates from more than 40 different gang sets for crimes
  34. What agency relied on the premise, “If you can‟t measure it, you can‟t manage it,”
    Richmond, VA
  35. What program is used for all homicides and aggravated assaults that have a high potential for retaliation to make an analysis about the threat to victims of possible retaliation.
    Retaliation Assessment Tool (RAT) in Richmond, Va
  36. What was one of the most critical initiatives of the Richmond, Va PD
    Cooperative Violence Reduction Partnership (CVRP) every 45 days since 2005 to review violent crime trends and patterns and major cases and to determine how best to deploy the Partnership‟s collective resources to decrease violent crime
  37. What agency stated, “This department infuses community policing in every aspect of what we do.” —Chief Bryan T. Norwood, Chief of Police
    Richmond, Va PD
  38. A single SharePoint portal focused on South Florida crime issues and includes participation by state, local, and federal law enforcement was developed by what agency?
    Virtual Fusion Center, formed by PBSO
  39. What agency utilized the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act
  40. How many gangs have been dismantled in PBSO, with their members serving lengthy prison sentence by utilizing RICO
    seven violent criminal and over a four-year period, gang-related homicides dropped by 50 percent.
  41. Forty-five to fifty percent of the violent crime in San Francisco occurs in what % of neighborhoods
    less than two percent of the neighborhoods
  42. How many of the violent offenders were identified and targeted for arrest in San Francisco
    the top 60
  43. In six months, how many guns were recovered in San Francisco
  44. In San Diego, its believed that what percentage of members were committing crimes
    16 percent of the members were responsible for 47 percent of the crime
  45. In Austin PD, violent crime as well as burglaries and other repetitive offenses were reduced by
    15 percent reduction in burglary of vehicles in 2010
  46. What is the clearance rate for all crimes Medford Police Department for the last three years
    in excess of 80 percent
  47. Which agency uses SOFAST (Southern Oregon Fraud And Security Team) to address financial crimes in the community
    The Medford Police Department
  48. Which police department instituted an aggressive traffic enforcement program targeting at-risk vehicles, where traffic stops per month increased from an average of 1,000 stops to 10,000 stops. This
    Milwaukee, Wi PD
  49. What agency saw remarkable 60 percent drop in murders of young African-American males, the most at-risk group in the United States
    Milwaukee Police Department
  50. Jail communication is a key feature of gang activity with what gang?
    The Mexican Mafia
  51. The city of Richmond, Virginia experienced an increase in what crimes?
    Homicides and violent crimes
  52. in 2010, Richmond Va had a homicide clearance rate of?
    83 percent
  53. What agency is referred to as "West Coast Offense"
    San Diego
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