Municipal Ordinance

  1. Store means any action to place, leave, park, locate, or set an item upon the public property at a distance how many feet away from occupant
    in excess of twenty (20) feet from the occupant
  2. When is a written notice not required for personal property stored on public property?
    When a sign indicating that unattended items may be removed immediately
  3. written notice may only be posted on public properties under the following conditions
    • In the interest of security and safety
    • at least thirty-six (36) hours in advance of special events
    • around public buildings which are likely targets for the placement of explosive devices or other security risks related to terrorists or dissidents
    • In the event the city determines the need for an area-wide cleanup
  4. When can the city dispose of the items removed from public property
    (30) days after removal or after seven (7) days if the items are deemed to be a threat to the health, safety, or welfare. If the owner demonstrates he or she does not have the ability to pay the reasonable charges, such charges will not be required to retrieve the items
  5. A written notice required by subsection (c)(1) shall be deemed to have been served if
    • A copy is personally delivered to the occupant or identified owner of the item
    • A copy is left at the party's usual place of abode with some person of the family above fifteen (15) years of age
    • A copy is mailed by either registered or certified United States mail with return receipt requested
    • a copy of such notice is posted in a conspicuous place on the property upon which the items described in this section are or were located
    • A copy is attached to the unlawfully stored items
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