Malham Data Cards

  1. If a customer has Unlimited Family Plan Messaging on their account; what is the Monthly Recuring charge for Unlimited Data?

    A. $10
  2. If a prospect wants unlimited Text and Data on a single Quick Messaging Device what rate plan would you offer?
    $30 Unlimited Data and Messaging
  3. True or false: Cellular Video is not included with Unlimited Data for basic or QMD handsets
  4. Which positioning statement(s) are more effective for engaging a prospect about a data plan conversation (choose 1 or more)?
    A. Would you like data to your new handset?
    B. Do you get more voice mails or emails?
    C. What types of web sites do you frequently visit?
    D. AT&T offers unlimited data plan for only $10 / month are you interested?
    B & C
  5. How many benefits can you list for having unlimited data on a basic or QMD handset?
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