OM 7-18 chapter 2 answers

  1. The Tactical Section is made up of _____ Tactical units with four members each formed according to the requirements of the East/West Team.
  2. True/False: Except for the Director of BESO, Director of the Tactical Operations Division and SERT Section Commander within the SERT chain of command, the remaining positions (Team Coordinator, Assistant Team Coordinator, Negotiation Unit Leader, Tactical Unit Leader, Assistant Unit Leader and Negotiation Unit Member, Tactical Unit Leader authority is contained in a team position rather than in rank.
  3. SERT East Team primarily provides service to ____?
    Area III and IV, and Troop H in Area II
  4. SERT West Team primarily provides service to ____?
    • Area I and II (with the exception of Troop H)
    • Note: Services to Troop T are rendered by team serving the adjacent county Troop. BESO exercises operational, functional and administration authority over both teams.
  5. True/False: SERT team members shall be used for evidence collection and interview of witnesses.
  6. The ___________ is limited by the broad mission concept to providing SERT with a goal to accomplish, not directing the means or methods to accomplish it.
  7. Rehearsals should be conducted by ______________ who will carry out the plan using the ______ proposed in the plan.
    personnel/actual equipment
  8. True/False: Rehearsals of all training ideas to be put into practice results in a higher degree of probability of an acceptable resolution.
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OM 7-18 chapter 2 answers
OM 7-18 chapter 2 answers