FR 9-2 answers

  1. It is the responsibility of the Troop Commander and Bureau/Office Directors to ensure that there is a sufficient number of Firearm Instructors, so that there is at least one Firearms Instructor per ____ shooters during daylight hours: (FR 9-2. 2.04. B. 4.)
  2. Firearms Instructors are to conduct a (an) ______ inspection of all Department weapons in the Troop weapons locker and Troop P & S inventory: (FR 9-2. 2.04. C. 4.)
  3. Any weapon found to be missing during the FI?s inspection should be reported to the:
    Staff Services Section Commander
  4. True or False. If a member is issued a replacement pistol outside of qualification, an additional qualification is required. (FR 9-2. 2.04. B. 6.)
  5. True or False. The use of personally owned rubber grips, rubber sleeves, or grip tape is permitted after inspection and approval by a Firearms Instructor.
  6. True or False. Members must first qualify with the Department-issued pistol before qualifying with a personal handgun (FR 9-2. 2.09. B. 5)
  7. True or False. Members are permitted to qualify with a maximum of three personal handguns. At the discretion of the Firearms Instructor, member may be permitted to qualify with additional handguns if time permits. (FR 9-2. 2.09. B. 5)
  8. Prior to beginning the Department Pistol Combat Course, each member shall fire _____ round, without time constraints, for the purpose of sight familiarization:
  9. Member shall be given two attempts to qualify. If time permits, they may be given a third attempt. If a third attempt cannot be immediately conducted, members shall be afforded that attempt _____: (FR 9-2. 2.13. B.)
    Within thirty days
  10. True or False. There shall be no less than two Firearms Instructors present for dim light firing. (FR 9-2. 2.16. D.)
  11. When a member fails to qualify with the Department-issued pistol, the Firearms Instructors shall _________ as soon as practicable: (FR 9-2. 2.23. A.)
    directly contact the Troop Commander/Bureau Director or the Officer of the Day
  12. True of False. Members are required to unload the issued pistol between shifts.
  13. Members who have failed to qualify and attended the remedial training course are given ____ attempt(s) to qualify.
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FR 9-2 answers
FR 9-2 answers