FR 7-8

  1. True/False: RISSafe shall be used for event deconfliction? (PG2)
  2. When would PaCIC notification be required for all Department investigations, including joint investigations and/or interdictions which results in the seizures of drugs, cash, illegally possessed firearms, any explosive device or explosive material or untaxed cigarettes equal to in excess of the following quantities: (PG3)
    • A. Cash equal to or in excess of $10,000
    • B. Untaxed cigarettes equal to or in excess of 100 cartons
    • C. Methamphetamine equal to or in excess of 50 grams
    • D. All the above
  3. Others that require PaCIC notification:
    • Cocaine equal to in excess of 50 grams
    • Processed marijuana equal to or in excess of 5000 grams, or marijuana grows equal to in excess of 50 indoor plantsv500 outside plants
    • Heroin equal to or in excess of 10 grams of loose/unpackaged material, or 10 or more bundles of packaged material
    • Prescription/nonprescription drugs (to include synthetic marijuana, synthetic cathinones/bath salts, and other designer drugs) equal to or in excess of 500 pills/doses
    • three or more illegally possessed firearms or any explosive devices or explosive material seized during a traffic stop.
  4. A Significant Drug Investigation Report: Members shall prepare and submit the listed report through channels within ____ days to the Director, DLED for all cash and drug seizures equal to or on excess of the quantities listed above. (PG4)
  5. All drug purchases of $____ or more require prior approval from the Director, DLED, or designee. (PG5)
  6. Which of the following inter-troop drug trafficking investigations would be considered targeting a large-scale drug trafficker and would be required to be brought to the attention of the Director, DLED? (PG3&4)
    • An indoor marijuana grow yielding 35 plants and $15,000 cash
    • A seizure of 50 cartons of untaxed cigarettes, a stolen handgun and $10000 cash
  7. A statistical narcotics reporting system entry shall be made for drug investigations and criminal interdiction efforts resulting in which of the following: (PG6)
    • A. Drug arrests
    • B. Cash seizures
    • C. Recovery of stolen good/credit cards
    • D. Weapon seizures
    • E. All of the above
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FR 7-8
FR 7-8