FR 6-7 Promotion Answers (2017)

  1. Further, it shall be the policy of this Department that members in uniform and on duty ______, whenever practicable, stop every traffic law violator observed and take appropriate action. (PG 1)
  2. For the purposes of this regulation, arrest is defined as a(n) ___________ arrest. (PG 1)
  3. Custody Arrest: This option, when lawful, shall be used: (PG 2)
    • A. When required by law for the offense committed.
    • B. When necessary to ensure the violator?s appearance in court.
    • C. To protect the violator or the public from injury.
    • D. All the above
  4. The TraCS Police Warning Notice or the Police Warning Notice should be issued to a driver who has committed an act which is ____ than a clear-cut and substantial traffic law offense. (PG 2)
  5. While it should be understood that members will proceed against every observed traffic law violator, whenever practicable, consideration shall be given to the following: (PG 2-3)
    • A. Any nonhazardous violation.
    • B. Equipment violations.
    • C. Pedestrian and bicycle violations.
    • D. All the above.
  6. Violators of newly enacted traffic laws, which may impose additional or new restrictions, may be given warnings during a period of familiarization and education that could precede the actual commencement of aggressive enforcement action. True / False
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FR 6-7 Promotion Answers (2017)
FR 6-7 Promotion Answers (2017)