FR 4-1 4-2 Study Answers

  1. Who is responsible for determining if a Member is required to pay for damage to Department property or equipment?
    The Deputy Commissioner of Staff
  2. The Board of Appeals for Loss of or Damage to Commonwealth Property or Equipment is comprised of three individuals. There is representative from the Department and the PSTA . Where is the third representative from:
    The Office of Administration
  3. If it cannot be determined how Property became lost and it is not expandable what type of report should be completed:
    An Incident Report
  4. True or False: Personnel shall have the following two options concerning settlement of the replacement or repair cost due to loss of or damage to the property or equipment:
    True : Personnel may voluntarily reimburse the Department for the replacement or repair cost; B. Personnel may request an administrative review of the occurrence to determine negligence, nonnegligence, or non-attribution.
  5. Who determines the replacement cost of lost or damaged equipment?
    Director, Bureau of Staff Services
  6. Who is responsible for an administrative review when requested by a member who is responsible for reimbursement?
    Troop Commander/Bureau Director
  7. True or False: Members right of final adjudication by the Board of Appeals?
  8. The board of appeal is responsible for which of the following:
    • Adjudicating all matters of loss or damage to Commonwealth property or equipment
    • Assign replacement of repair costs
    • Make final and binding decisions
  9. Who may designate the uniform of the day for special circumstances (e.g., long-sleeve shirts for a funeral detail, riot), regardless of the season?
    Area/Troop Commander
  10. Members wearing the uniform while performing station duty are not required to wear the headgear and holster belt, however, they shall:
    wear the issued leather pancake holster and be armed with the issued pistol
  11. True/False From April 1 to April 30 and from October 1 to October 31, either the summer or the winter uniform may be worn.
  12. To ensure a state of preparedness, uniforms shall fit properly and equipment shall be readily available in the event Department Headquarters members are mobilized. Members assigned to Bureaus and Offices shall report for work in uniform a minimum of one day ______.
    per month
  13. With regards to the above: Supervisors shall maintain a record of the dates members wear their uniform for placement in the supervisory file. True/False
  14. The summer uniform includes the yearround items, plus the:
    • Short Sleeve Shirt
    • Summer Trousers
    • Straw campaign hat with leather strap.
  15. True or False. Newlypromoted Commissioned Officers will, in addition to being assigned a badge for each new rank, be permitted to retain their badge from their former ranks.
  16. Beginning at the belt buckle on the stronghand side, the following equipment shall be placed on the holster belt:
    Magazine pouches, holster, expandable baton
  17. Beginning at the belt buckle on the offhand side, the following equipment shall be placed, in any order, on the holster belt:
    EID, radio holder, OC
  18. Coveralls are provided for use only when performing duties which could cause soiling or damage to the issued uniform or civilian attire. They are not to be used in a commonplace manner over, or in lieu of the regular uniform, and shall not be worn by:
    • Motor Carrier Inspectors
    • MCEOs
    • Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisors
  19. True or False The highly reflective material flaps on the cruiser jacket may be used in lieu of the high visibility safety vest.
  20. In compliance with the Federal Highway Administration 23 CFR Part 634, the highvisibility safety vest shall be worn as the outermost garment while outside of the member?s or MCEO?s vehicle performing or assisting with the following duties:
    All of the above
  21. True or False: The raincoat shall be worn with the green side out and with the hat cover in normal duty situations in inclement weather. The raincoat shall be worn with the black side out and with the hat cover for formal occasions in inclement weather.
  22. True or False Members may wear the highvisibility safety vest during traffic stops and motorist assists at their discretion
  23. True or False: The hat cover may not be worn to protect the campaign hat when conditions do not require the use of the raincoat (e.g., light, intermittent rain; snow flurries).
  24. Which of the following does not apply The issued sweater:
    may be tucked into the trousers(the sweater shall be tucked in)
  25. Sleeve striping on the officer's blouse shall be placed three inches from the bottom of the sleeve with each additional stripe placed onehalf inch above the previous stripe. True/False
  26. One large Gold star on the corresponding sleeve accounts for ___years while the small star accounts for ___years.
    5, 10
  27. Members shall wear a small coat of arms on the straw and felt campaign hats, while the large coat of arms shall be worn only on the fur cap. True/False
  28. A member may wear an insignia that is not part of the Department's current insignia program, provided that the insignia was previously authorized or permission is received from the Commissioner to wear the insignia. True/False
  29. Appropriate insignia shall be awarded to members who attain a master rating on the Department Pistol Combat Course (DPCC) during the semiannual pistol qualification process; however, if the member does not attain a master rating in any subsequent qualification period, they may not wear the insignia for any qualification period that a master rating qualification score is not achieved. True/False
  30. When viewing the uniform shirt from the front, ribbon order shall proceed from right to left, bottom to top, from least senior to most senior award. True/ False
  31. When displaying ribbons on a uniform, members may wear awards for military service in conjunction with Department awards or insignia. Department awards shall be worn in rank order where?
    Above the military awards
  32. When displaying ribbons on a uniform, when you have four or more ribbons, where and how shall these ribbons be displayed?
    worn in rows of three, on the left side of the uniform
  33. Mourning Pins: Mourning pins may be worn on all of the following, EXCEPT:
    On Department issued Raincoat
  34. The Department mourning pin shall be worn in the following circumstances, All are true EXCEPT:
    In observance of 4th of July Holiday
  35. Select acceptable types of haircut?s from those listed below:
    • Males- Hair shall present a tapered appearance
    • Females- The bulk or length of hair shall not interfere with the normal wear of all
    • standard Department headgear
    • hair shall be kept in a neat manner, and shall not be cut/styled/dyed in a manner
    • which could reasonably be expected to destroy public respect.
  36. The wearing of earrings is ________ while in uniform.
  37. Necklaces may be worn by members while on duty and in uniform. However, the necklaces must be ______________ when wearing the uniform
    completely concealed
  38. Fingernails shall be neatly trimmed, no longer than __________ past the tips of the fingers, and free of any adornment. Fingernail polish may be worn only by female members, and shall be untinted while in uniform.
    .5 inch
  39. Prior to obtaining a tattoo or replica which would be visible to the public, the member shall:
    Prepare form SP3-201 along with a photograph, or sketch of the image
  40. A Member or Enforcement Officer retiring with an Honorable Discharge certificate or a Certificate of Appreciation may retain one complete set of his/her duty uniform. True/False
  41. Who shall retain the retiring members badge or enforcement officer?s badge pending an honorable discharge.
    The Troop Commander
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FR 4-1 4-2 Study Answers
FR 4-1 4-2 Study Answers