AR 7-18 Answers

  1. The Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Department Watch Center (DWC) will administer the RISSafe Officer Safety Event Deconfliction system for all participating law enforcement agencies operating in the Commonwealth. The DWC will be responsible for receiving and entering data into the RISSafe system and notifying affected law enforcement personnel operating in the Commonwealth of identified conflicts. True / False
  2. The requirements to submit a completed RISSafe Event Deconfliction form may be waived in instances when deconfliction is impractical due to exigent circumstances, or when it is reasonably believed that the deconfliction process would compromise an investigation. In either instance, the affected member or enforcement officer must first obtain the concurrence of their __________.
    Troop Criminal Investigation Section Commander
  3. The completed RISSafe form shall be submitted directly to the DWC no less than _______ hours prior to the commencement of the law enforcement operation, to ensure there is sufficient time for the DWC to enter the data into the RISSafe system and notify all affected parties in the event of a conflict.
  4. When Members and Enforcement Officers are notified by the DWC of a conflicting law enforcement operation, the member shall attempt to make notification to the conflicting party(s) by the most expedient means available. This attempted notification should occur no less than ________ prior to the commencement of the operation being conducted.
    30 minutes
  5. Once notification has been made with the conflicting party(s) the DWC shall be notified _________.
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AR 7-18 Answers
AR 7-18 Answers