AR 6-2 questions

  1. Once the Agency Open Records Officer (AORO) receives a RTKL compliant request how many days does the AORO have to respond?
    5 business days
  2. Upon receiving a written request, the Agency Open Records Officer shall, at a minimum, promptly complete which of the following tasks?
    • Date stamp the request, or otherwise record the receipt on an electronically-transmitted (facsimile or email) request.
    • Assign and record a Department tracking number to the request.
    • Compute the day on which the five business day period will expire and make a notation of that date on the first page of the request.
    • Enter the request into the Department?s RTKL tracking database.
    • Create an official AORO RTKL Request File for the retention of the original RTKL request, together with all accompanying documents and correspondence.
  3. Which, if any, of the following circumstances may be grounds for extending the five business day response period by an additional 30 calendar days?
    • The requested record requires redaction.
    • The requested record must be retrieved from a remotely located records repository.
    • A timely response cannot be issued, due to legitimate, specified staffing limitations.
    • All of the above.
  4. If there is a request for records in the possession of a Department contractor and the records have been determined to be a PSP public record how many days does the contractor have to deliver a true-and-correct copy of the record to the AORO for review and eventual production once directed by the AORO?
    10 calendar days
  5. Which of the following circumstances are grounds for a denial of a written request for access to, or a copy of, a record?
    • The requestor is not a legal resident of the United States of America.
    • The requestor has not identified the requested record(s) with sufficient specificity.
    • The record does not exist.
    • The record in question does not satisfy the statutory definition of a public record.
    • All of the above.
    • None of the above. The Department shall comply with all RTKL requests and provide the appropriate record within the time allotted.
  6. How much time does a requestor have to file an appeal for Department denial of RTKL requests for PSP records and with which office does the requestor file the appeal?
    15 business days to the Office of Open Records (OOR)
  7. How long must an Official AORO RTKL request file be retained?
    2 years from the date of final disposition of the RTKL request
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AR 6-2 questions
AR 6-2 questions