OM 7-2 part1

  1. T/F It is not necessary for Reports to be written in the first person (e.g., ?The victim told me the following?..?). Be brief, but complete, in recording pertinent data.
  2. T/F The narrative portion of all criminal investigative reports shall be written in a heading/paragraph format.
  3. T/F Upon assigning an incident, Communications-Desk Unit/Dispatch Center personnel shall generate an Incident Memo under the most appropriate incident classification code. This memo is a ?control record? to ensure that a report covering the assignment is prepared and will reach the control point. Only one Incident Memo shall be prepared for an incident.
  4. T/F In an on-view incident, members shall ensure an Incident Memo is prepared for the incident by notifying Communications-Desk Unit/Dispatch Center personnel as soon as practicable. An Incident Memo shall not be prepared for routine on-view traffic enforcement activities and routine preventive patrol activities. Examples of routine activities include, but are not limited to, activities such as radar enforcement and property checks.
  5. T/F As a general rule, criminal investigators shall be assigned to supplemental criminal investigations on the basis of preliminary reports submitted by patrol officers; however, Patrol Unit members may be assigned to conduct supplemental investigations at the discretion of the Criminal Investigation Unit Supervisor.
  6. What value should be placed in the incident report for stolen vehicles?
    Average retail value
  7. True or false, it is acceptable to use standard abbreviations when practical in the preparation of reports?
  8. Which is the proper format for dates?
  9. T/F Temporary addresses for victims, suspects, or accused should be listed in the narrative, true or false?
  10. An investigation is considered cleared when:
    • For a criminal offense, at least one person is charged before and MDJ or a summons is filed
    • A juvenile petition is filed
    • In accordance with UCR procedures for exceptional clearances
  11. OM 7-2 1.11 G Terminating an Investigation True or False.
    Photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, DVD's, floppy discs and compact discs shall be forwarded with Department Headquarters copies of reports.
  12. OM 7-2 1.12 I Investigations Made Outside an Assigned Station Area
    When an incident is reported (to you) and that incident occurred in an area handled by another station the following procedure(s) apply:
    • A preliminary report shall be made by a member from the station where the incident is reported.
    • A supervisor at the station where the incident is reported shall assign a member to conduct a complete or partial investigation.
    • An incident number from the station where the incident occurred shall be assigned to the report.
    • The preliminary report, whether complete or partial, shall be approved by the supervisor at the reporting station.
    • All copies of the preliminary report shall be forwarded directly from one station commander to the other with an attached Desk Memorandum.
  13. When a preliminary investigation is conducted by Troop T members, and the investigation is subsequently transferred to an adjacent county station, the preliminary investigative and all supplemental reports shall be forwarded from:
    Station Commander to Station Commander
  14. Troop Commanders shall ensure that four incident numbers are provided to each station under their command to be used during the calendar year for exploratory investigations of:
    Narcotics, gambling and organized crime, other vice, and for Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) investigations.
  15. All exploratory investigations shall be reported on a(n):
    General Investigative Report
  16. True/False When a member discovers an offense during the course of an exploratory investigation; the exploratory number shall be use until a complaint is filed.
  17. When BCI members conducting an exploratory investigation discover a criminal offense during the course of the investigation and the criminal offense does not fall under the purview of BCI members shall report the offense to:
    the appropriate criminal justice agency
  18. ________ shall send correspondence STD 201 , to the Director Bureau of Records and Identification ATTENTION: Investigative Records section requesting copies of the original report.
    Section/Station Commander
  19. True/False Prior to submitting a request for a copy of an Initial or Incident report members shall query the report and/or involved parties through the Initial Crime Inquiry (FS QIC) screen located in CLEAN for pertinent, demographic information.
  20. OM 7-2, CHAPTER 7: INCIDENT REPORT/INCIDENT REPORT-PART II The Incident Report/Incident Report-Part II is used to report investigative actions resulting from alleged criminal offenses or other police matters, excluding:
    • Criminal homicides, equivocal deaths, or missing person cases that have a strong likelihood of foul play.
    • Non-traffic deaths determined to be from natural, accidental, or suicidal causes.
    • Summary offenses committed in the presence of a member or enforcement officer, or when a Non-traffic Citation is used in lieu of an Incident Report and issued within 24 hours.
  21. OM 7-2, CHAPTER 7: INCIDENT REPORT/INCIDENT REPORT-PART II The Incident Report/Incident Report Part II shall be submitted upon completion of preliminary criminal investigations, supplemental criminal investigations, or other investigations required in accordance with Department regulations. Specific investigations include:
    • Criminal offenses and missing person cases occurring at state hospitals regardless if another police agency is investigating.
    • Attempted suicides.
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  22. Crimes which do not constitute a felony require a narrative. FALSE
  23. When any information contained on the Incident Report/Incident Report Part II is changed or supplemented, only the report containing the affected information shall be supplemented. TRUE
  24. When an investigation involves more than two offenders, additional offenders shall be listed in the narrative. FALSE
  25. When investigations are determined to have resulted from a single course of criminal conduct, all related reports may be supplemented under one incident number. TRUE
  26. When violations of The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act are being reported, the Statistical Narcotic Administrative Message shall be completed and attached the Station copy of the report.
  27. Investigations involving related multiple offenses that occur in more than one political subdivision may be reported using one incident number. FALSE
  28. TRUE or FALSE When a juvenile is first referenced on a supplemental report, the reviewing supervisor shall place an "X" in the Juvenile Box on the first page on the Department copy of the incident report.
    False, Station Copy
  29. Concerning the block on the Incident Report Page 1, INCIDENT PROMPTLY REPORTED BY VICTIM, what shall be referred to as ?promptlyjQuery110104962119745310113_1505139792873
    Victim reporting as within 24 hours.
  30. Concerning PT 2 Incident Reports, when a supplemental investigation is done for a member from another station, where would you put your Station ORI number?
    • In block 61 on the top under ORI number/ Station number
    • In block 117, under officer?s name, signature and badge #
  31. Concerning Incident Report/ Incident Report PT 2, TRUE or FALSE, when entering height in feet and inches for ACCUSED/SUSPECTS. It is permissible to use a two digit (e.g.5?7?) or a three digit (e.g. 507) format.
  32. Investigations involving related multiple offenses that occur in more than one political subdivision shall be reported utilizing a separate incident number for each political subdivision. True/False
  33. During Operation Safe Highway enforcement stops in which evidence of a crime is discovered and prosecution is anticipated; a photocopy of the report shall be prepared by the approving supervisor and forwarded to:
    The Bureau of Patrol, SHEILD Section
  34. When violations of The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act are being reported, the Statistical Narcotic Administrative Message shall be completed and attached to the DHQ copy of the report. True/False
  35. When an incident requires any type of CLEAN Message or National Crime Information Center (NCIC) entry, the message shall be attached to the Station copy of the Incident Report. True/False
  36. The Felony against the person checklist is used to???..
    Record detailed offender data
  37. The felony crimes against the person checklist shall be prepared at the scene as soon as possible after the crime is reported. T/F
  38. A checklist shall be prepared for each offender.T/F
  39. A checklist shall not be prepared if the offender is present at the scene upon the investigation officer?s arrival.T/F
  40. The checklist does have to be submitted in conjunction with the homicide investigation report.T/F
  41. What are some instances when the property record Form SP 7-007, is utilized?
    • More than four items of property have been stolen or damaged in the commission of a criminal offense.
    • A custodial/inventory search of a vehicle is conducted and yields property that is taken into custody.
    • A vehicle is taken into custody through official actions of the department.
  42. True / False-The Property Record, SP Form 7-007 can also serve as a receipt and can be furnished to an individual when property is received and no other receipt is issued.
  43. True / False. In limited circumstances when the Custodial Officer is not available, the Receiving Officer is authorized to make the first entry ?out.?
  44. True / False. When returning property to claimants at a Department installation and only a portion of the property listed on the Property Record is being returned, all documentation shall be done on the original Property Record
  45. Property Inventory Logs shall be maintained within the security of the Property Room in accordance with
    A.R. 3-3
  46. A Custodial/Inventory search shall: Be reasonable and restricted to those locations where items of value would normally be carried, including passenger areas, glove compartment, console and trunk. The following apply:
    • Any locked compartments shall be opened and searched if keys are available; however, no locks shall be broken. Seals on truck cargo areas and trailers shall not be broken to gain access.
    • Any unlocked or unsealed container (e.g., suitcase, backpack, box) shall be opened and searched. Any locked container shall be opened and search if keys are available. However, no locks or seals shall be broken.
    • Seats shall not be removed, and the inventory shall be conducted in a manner to avoid any damage to the vehicle or its contents.
  47. When a supplemental Property Record(s) is prepared for additional items taken into custody during an investigation or derivative evidence is generated by a laboratory or Forensic Services Unit from another piece of property, these items shall be entered into the Property Management System using the Property Designator/Inventory number of the initial property Record with the addition of a:
    Letter suffix designation such as A,B,C
  48. When more than four items of property are stolen or damaged in the commission of a criminal offense, ALL items shall be listed on the:
    Property Record
  49. When recording currency on a Property Record separate lines should be used for each denomination.
  50. Property Records reflecting destroyed property should be signed by the claimant whenever possible.
  51. The custodial officer shall obtain the signature of the individual who witnessed the destruction of property in Block 25.
  52. When property is taken into custody during the course of an investigation and a Non-Traffic Citation, Form SP 70017B, is submitted as the preliminary investigative report, the Property Record shall be completed in original and one copy. The original shall be:
    Forwarded to the Custodial Officer
  53. A value may be listed for drugs contained on a Property Record that are involved in certain types of investigations. For which of the following investigations would a value for drugs NOT be listed?
    Act 64 violations
  54. True / False The Property Record, Form SP 7007, is used to record the possession, itemization, change of custody, and accounting procedure of property taken into custody or coming into the possession of a member/enforcement officer.
  55. True / False A Property Record shall only be prepared using the Automated Property Record System (APRS)
  56. True / False All property coming into custody of the Department shall be entered/ logged into the Automated Property Record System (APRS)
  57. True / False When Property is taken into custody and the only report prepared is a Traffic Citation the corresponding TRAFFO Traffic Violation Other CAD call number shall be entered block 61 of the Citation. No General Offense-Assignment Report GO-AR needs to be prepared cross-referencing the property inventory number.
  58. When entering currency into the Property Management System the following applies:
    • Paper currency shall be listed using separate lines for each currency denomination. Except for bulk currency seizures with drug indicators.
    • All cash found in separate locations (e.g. glove box, trunk) shall be documented as separate distinct items.
  59. DUI arrests and traffic offenses charged in conjunction with a DUI shall be recorded on the:
    • Intoxication Work Sheet
    • Incident Report
  60. When making an error on a Traffic Citation, the member shall:
    Draw a single line through the error and print immediately above the error
  61. When a member transfers, the TraCS traffic citations numbers shall stay with the transferring member.
  62. OM 7-2, Chapter 18: When a member or MCEO transfers, the Traffic Citation are kept by the member of MCEO:
    False (Paper citations are returned to Station Commander or Patrol supervisor who re-issues them)
  63. OM 7-2, Chapter 18: After disposition of a traffic citation and a defendant defaults on payment, a new traffic citation/TraCS citation shall be prepared by the original arresting officer.
  64. OM 7-2, Chapter 18: How many years must a member wait before withdrawing a traffic citation where no proceedings (from the defendant) have taken place?
  65. OM 7-2, Chapter 18 If the TRACS Traffic Citation malfunctions, the member shall file the citation and notate the nature of failure in the comments/officer?s notes block.
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