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  1. A requirement for an Emergency Tow Service is that they are regularly open for the conduct of business, receiving of payments due, release of vehicles, etc., a minimum of 40 hours, Monday through Friday, between___________
    7 am- 5 pm
  2. Towing services interested in receiving service calls from the Pennsylvania State Police must make application to_________________.
    each installation from which it wishes to receive such calls
  3. The requirements for an Emergency Tow Service include all the following except;
    Garage-keeper's insurance in the minimum of $1,000,000 must be maintained.
  4. A Recovery Service is;
    by virtue of its specialized equipment, experience and training, is capable of removing vehicles and cargo from unique locations
  5. The policy addressing the distribution of service calls is established by;
    Station Commanders, policy approval by Troop Commander or his disgnee

    • A procedure wherein members systematically stop vehicles to determine if the vehicles and their drivers are in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth is known as:
    • Traffic Safety Checkpoint.
  6. True or False - Checkpoints may be used as a subterfuge for gathering information from any one person or vehicle preselected for investigation or examination. (pg.2)
  7. Under no condition shall a sobriety checkpoint consist of less than ___ members. (pg.4)
  8. It is recommended that a minimum of ___ members be assigned for a one-direction stop, in addition to the supervisor. (pg.4)
    5 Note: 8 members, plus a supervisor for both directions
  9. When conditions permit, all vehicles approaching the checkpoint shall be stopped; however, any articulable, systematic, predetermined method for stopping vehicles may be utilized, e.g., stopping every fifth vehicle. True/False
  10. No physical search of the driver, occupants, or interior of the vehicle shall occur at the initial stop without probable cause. True/False
  11. _________ shall ensure the DUI trailers and equipment are maintained in good condition and that equipment is repaired or replaced, as needed, utilizing Troop advancement funds. (pg.6)
    Troop Commanders
  12. To alert motorists, at least two signs, approximately _______ feet apart, shall be posted prior to the checkpoint; the first sign motorists encounter shall be posted at least four hundred feet prior to the checkpoint. If traffic is being stopped in two directions, signs shall be placed at both ends of the checkpoint. To minimize motorist confusion, the erection of signs shall be the last step in setting up the checkpoint.
    Two Hundred
  13. The equipment to be used by the assigned members shall be issued at the briefing. The supervisor shall direct and coordinate the deployment and security of the checkpoint. A prearranged signal shall be initiated if emergency clearing of the roadway by members becomes necessary, e.g., whistle, horn. True/False
  14. Copies of the News Release, listing the Media Sources to which the information was released and newspaper clippings/articles shall be retained for a period of ___ years to document that advance notice was provided. (pg.8)
    2 Note: Attached the above articles to the station copy of the Traffic Safety Checkpoint Report.
  15. Publicity: Patrol Section/Station Commanders shall ensure advance notice to the media of an impending sobriety checkpoint is required; including, exact locations, dates, and times of sobriety checkpoints. True/False
  16. Operational Requirements: ________ shall select the location, date, and hours for regulatory checkpoints. The selection criteria shall be documented in the Remarks Section of the Traffic Safety Checkpoint Report. Copies of any relevant information/data shall be attached to the Troop Headquarters copy.
    Patrol Section/Station Commanders
  17. A minimum of ____ members shall be assigned to the regulatory checkpoint, in addition to the supervisor. (pg.9
  18. Prior to the pre-deployment briefing, Patrol Section/Station Commanders shall provide the supervisor with the following information: (pg.10)
    • A) The location of the site(s) and alternate site(s).
    • B) The articulable, systematic, predetermined method to be used for stopping vehicles.
    • C) Other pertinent information.
    • D) All of the above
  19. All crash reports shall be submitted by the completion of the investigating member?s next regularly scheduled shift. (pg.2) True/False
  20. If it is determined that a crash was entered into Tracs and later it was determined that is wasn?t a crash (e.g., legal intervention or deliberate intent, suicide, etc.), members shall submit form SP 3-201, through channels to the Director , Bureau of Patrol, requesting deletion of the crash report. (pg.3) True/False
  21. Fatal Crash: a reportable crash which includes the death of any involved person, within ___ days of the date of the crash and the death occurred as a direct result of the crash. (pg.4)
  22. Photographs and all other attachments related to crash investigations shall be retained in a separate file, and destroyed ___ years from the date of the completion of the investigation.
    • 5
    • Note: Attachments shall not be forwarded to DHQ.
  23. When personnel receive notice of a crash occurring on a highway which involves only a non-motorized vehicle and results in injury and/or property damage, a response is not required. (pg.9) True/False
    True Note: However, if PSP is requested to respond, we shall send a member to investigate and complete a Non-Reportable Crash within Tracs.
  24. A CARS member reconstructs a fatal crash. What type of report does he/she submit to report the results of the reconstruction?
    General Investigation Report
  25. Crashes involving only non-motorized vehicles occurring on a highway of traffic way, and resulting in death shall be reported on a Non-Traffic Death Investigation Report. (pg.12) True/False
  26. How often shall an unsolved hit and run crash involving a death be supplemented? (pg.12)
  27. Members shall endeavor to have the driver?s license or identification card of a person killed of severely injured in a crash accompany the individual to the medical facility to which the individual is transported. True/False
  28. A snow mobile or ATV crash occurs on private property and results in serious injury. What type of report is utilized to report the crash?
    Assignment Report Note: a copy of the assignment report shall be mailed to DCNR.
  29. Who thoroughly reviews fatal crash for first line approval?
    Reviewing supervisor
  30. Who has final approval for fatal crash?
    Troop Patrol Section Commander
  31. A Municipal Police Department is involved in a minor non-reportable crash and they request PSP to do an investigation. What type of crash report should be completed?
    Non-Reportable Crash Full Investigation
  32. According to State Police Policy which type of crash shall be reconstructed?
    • A serious crash involving a HAZ MAT spill resulting in evacuation
    • A crash where Operator of Unit #2 has an arm severed.
  33. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) shall be notified of any crash involving:
    5 or more fatalities
  34. TRUE / FALSE. A head on collision involving a school bus (unit#2) where 2 students are killed and the driver of unit#1 is also killed requires notification of the NTSB.
    False The NTSB only needs to be notified if 3 occupants on the bus are killed.
  35. A Fatal Crash System Entry is required to be made after each fatal crash. (pg.16)
    within 24 hours
  36. A trooper involved in a Department vehicle crash while driving out of state shall do the following:
    • immediately notify the local police authority
    • notify there Troop commander as soon as possible
  37. Members involved in their first ?preventable? crash shall:
    view ?Driving is a skill? video and be prepared to discuss it?s contents
  38. Members involved in 3 ?preventable? crashes in a 5 year period shall:
    Attend the Departments 5 day driver refresher course.
  39. Who may investigate a reportable crash involving a Troop Commander?
    Any NCO can be assigned the investigation
  40. The Department shall disclose all information on the police crash report/supplemental police crash report, except for:
    • photographs
    • crash reconstructions reported on a General Investigation Report
  41. Appended documents and photographs, including crash reconstructions reported on a General Investigation Report, shall not accompany requested copies of reports unless: (pg.21)
    at the direction of a subpoena served in accordance with department regulations
  42. True/False At the investigating Station, personnel shall ensure police crash reports are available for review by parties authorized by the Vehicle Code. Authorized parties may hand copy, photograph, or photocopy police crash reports without fee, provided they use their own equipment.
  43. The following devices and/or methods may be used to stop/alert a traffic law violator that you are stopping them: (Page 1)
    • Vehicle Horn
    • Flashing the Headlights
    • Siren
    • PA System
    • All of the Above
  44. __________ should be the Member?s main consideration when selecting a stopping site. (Page 2)
  45. Whenever necessary, the violator shall be directed to go to the nearest safe stopping area via what means:
    The PA System
  46. Before exiting the patrol vehicle to make contact with the violator, the Member shall take the following actions:
    • a. Record the registration number, make, and color of the violator's vehicle.
    • b. Notify the Station by radio of the location and purpose of the traffic stop and provide the registration number, vehicle description, and description and number of occupants.
    • c. Watch the occupants for unusual movement or changes in seating position.
    • d. Place the patrol vehicle in "Park" and turn the patrol vehicle steering wheel to the left, providing member protection.
    • e. All of the Above
  47. If it is not possible to provide the registration number during the first radio broadcast, it shall be given in a supplemental broadcast via radio or ________ :
    a. Mobile Data Terminal
  48. Normally, violators are to remain in their vehicles. If a situation calls for the violator to exit the vehicle, it should be done on the driver's side, and the violator shall then be directed to proceed to:
    The Non-Traffic side of the Vehicle NOTE: The violator SHALL NOT be permitted to sit in the police Vehicle
  49. To help gain tactical and safety advantages when approaching the violator?s vehicle, Members are encouraged to: (Page 4)
    Utilize a right-side approach
  50. When two Members are assigned to a vehicle a ?contact/cover? officer strategy should be employed when approaching the violator?s vehicle. The ?cover? officer shall: (Page 4)
    • Provide protective cover for the "contact" officer.
    • Approach the violator?s vehicle maintaining a triangular approach and dividing the violator?s attention.
    • Provide information to the "contact" officer.
  51. Unusual Highway Event is defined as an incident which renders the involved person(s) incapable of securing or providing for the security of their immediate property. This will generally be limited to:
    • A. Vehicle crashes
    • B. Medical emergencies
    • C. An incident in which to occupant(s) is taken into custody
    • D. All the above
  52. It is the policy of the Department that reasonable care be taken to protect the immediate property of individuals involved in an unusual highway event. Members shall consider the nature of the incident and attending circumstances, and shall exercise the necessary precautions and take appropriate action to protect such property from theft or damage. Protective action includes which of the following except:
    • The involved vehicle being secured and left in a place of safety at the scene.
    • The involved vehicle being towed to a place of safety.
    • The towing service be required to acknowledge the presence of load contents or personal items, in plain view, within the passenger compartment of involved vehicle prior the towing.
    • Personal items, in plain view, within the passenger compartment of involved vehicle be inventoried and taken into protective custody prior to towing such vehicle or prior to securing the vehicle at the scene.
    • The shipper or carrier of a load being contacted to arrange for security and disposition of load contents and transporting vehicle or being informed as to what action has already been taken.
    • All the above
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