English Terminology Composition 1

  1. A sentence with a subject and an opinion.  In essay, between introductory paragraph and end.  Controls the point and purpose.
  2. 1st sentence in a body of paragraph that explains the point of the paragraph of the long essay
    Topic Sentence
  3. Specific details that are more often what the writer and reader se and hear, less of than the senses of smell, teste and touch.  Become specific reasons to prove the point of the topic sentence.
    Concrete Detail
  4. The opinion of the writer and the development of the concrete detail.  Synonyms are opinion, interpretation, personal response, analysis, explication, insight, reflection and speculation
  5. Getting ideas and concrete details down on paper before organizing an essay into paragraphs.  Any or all of the following formats may be used:  freewriting, brainstorming, journal writing, bubble clusters, spider diagrams, outlines or line clustering.
  6. Writing the various parts before writing a first draft
    Shaping the essay
  7. *Thesis
    *Topic sentence for each body paragraph
    *Conclusion sentence for each body paragraph
    *1st sentence of the concluding paragraph
    Parts of "Shaping the Essay"
  8. 3 paragraphs that discussion of the thesis
    Body paragraphs
  9. How many sentences are in a body paragraph
  10. What are the 2 chunks of the body paragraph
    • 1.  one concrete detail sentence
    • 2.  two commentary sentences
  11. Paragraph Format
    • 1.  topic
    • 2.  concrete detail (1st piece of evidence)
    • 3.  Commentary 1 (explain the c.d.)
    • 4.  Commentary 2 (explain 1st commentary)
    • 5.  Concrete detail 2 (2nd piece of evidence)
    • 6.  Commentary 1 (explain c.d. #2)
    • 7.  Commentary 2 (explain commentary)
    • 8.  Conclusion
  12. What is the purpose and parts of the first paragraph
    Introductory paragraph.  Ends with the thesis.  Consists primarily of commentary.
  13. What is the purpose and parts of the last paragraph
    • 1. Always the conclusion. 
    • 2. Begins with total rewording of thesis idea. 
    • 3. Paragraph provides the finished feeling to essay. 
    • 4. Does not repeats words or phrases from paper and the introduction.
  14. words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs that relate ideas and provide coherence by linking sentences, paragraphs and larger units.
  15. am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been.
    A limited number may be used
    Be verbs
  16. How many words should be in each paragraph of a 5-paragraph paper?
    • 1.  Intro = 75-ish
    • 2.  Body #1 = 200
    • 3.  Body #2 = 150
    • 4.  Body #3 = 150
    • 5.  Conclusion = 75-ish
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