API 571 Caustic Corrosion

  1. Which of the following materials is not subjected to Caustic Corrosion?

    D) Nickel Alloys
  2. What is one of the most significant factors affecting Caustic Corrosion?
    Presence of Caustic
  3. Which of the following is NOT a usage for Caustic in the petrochemical industry?

    D) Used to decrease pH
  4. In order for Caustic corrosion to occur in routine equipment, there must be a:
    Concentrating method to build the Caustic's strength
  5. Caustic corrosion is most often associated with:
    boilers and steam generating equipment
  6. Caustic corrosion normally appears as:
    localized metal loss often with grooving.
  7. Caustic Corrosion starts to cause uniform corrosion of Carbon Steel when the process temperature exceeds?
  8. In steam systems, caustic corrosion is best prevented by?
    Proper design
  9. What materials should be used with high strength caustic solutions when the process temperature is above 150°F?
    High Nickel Alloys
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API 571 Caustic Corrosion
API 571 Caustic Corrosion