OM 7-15

  1. OM 7-15, Chapter 7: A pre-approved recertification extension given to a DRE by the state coordinator, not to exceed the limits established in the DEC Program is called:
    Administrative Extension
  2. OM 7-15, Chapter 7: A Candidate Drug Recognition Expert is an individual in the process of achieving certification, through the state coordinator, as a DRE. To achieve certification, a person must successfully complete a training program consisting of the following:
    • An IACP/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)-approved Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) training course of instruction.
    • A two-day IACP/NHTSA-approved DRE preschool equivalent.
    • A seven-day IACP/NHTSA-approved DRE school and On-the-job field certification.
    • All of the above.
  3. OM 7-15, Chapter 7: At the conclusion of every Drug Influence Evaluation, the DRE shall form an opinion and base the opinion on all aspects of the evaluation. Which of the following is not an opinion result that a DRE may form?
    The subject?s impairment is unable to be determined.
  4. The following are opinions of impairment for a DRE:
    • The subject is under the influence of one or more of the seven categories of drugs (as outlined in DRE training) and impaired.
    • The subject is not impaired at the time of the evaluation.
    • The subject is under the influence of alcohol only at the time of the evaluation.
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