FR 9-1

  1. How often shall stored/replacement ECDs be spark tested?
    Once every two weeks
  2. True/False: Except for general maintenance and authorized training, any discharge of an ECD shall be reported through the completion of a Blue Team entry.
  3. Upon discharge of an ECD, the member shall look for evidence of injury and render appropriate medical aid and/or request medical assistance. When would arrangements be made to transport the subject to a medical facility?
    • The subject was exposed to the ECD more than three times during the incident
    • The subject had more than one ECD effectively used against him or her during a given incident
    • The subject exposed to a continuous energy cycle of 15 seconds or more from the ECD by either probe deployment or in a drive stun during a given incident.
    • All the above
  4. True/False: The ECD cartridge, wire leads, probes, and Anti-Felon identification System (AFID) Tags shall be collected for all ECD probe deployments.
  5. True/False: A copy of the ECD download shall be attached to the Blue Team entry when the subject sustains an injury requiring medical treatment, and/or when a subject is transported to a medical facility.
    • True
    • Note: Shall take photographs if visible injury noted and subject requires medical treatment.
  6. Trained supervisors and/or Troop ECD Maintenance Officers shall ensure a time synchronization check is performed ______.
    Quarterly (at least once during the months of January, April, July and October)
  7. Should any member suspect an electrostatic discharge or experience any other initiated discharge, the ECD shall be examined by the Trooper ECD Maintenance Officer. The Troop ECD Maintenance Officer shall:
    • Determine if ECD can be returned to service
    • Contact the ECD Master Instructor assigned to the Bureau of Training and Education and advise him/her of the event and status of the device
  8. When an ECD battery life indicator reads ___ % or less, a trained supervisor shall return the battery to the Troop ECD Maintenance Officer for replacement.
  9. True/False: The Troop ECD Maintenance Officer shall send the old battery to the Bureau of Training and Education, Attn: Police Skills Unit.
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