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  1. True or False, Discretionary overtime includes incidental overtime incurred by members in the performance of their normal duties.
  2. Patrol-Related Overtime: Discretionary overtime that is customarily assigned to Patrol Unit members for highway safety purposes. Patrol-related overtime includes, but is not limited to:
    • Construction zone assignments
    • Super load escorts
    • Speed enforcement
    • DUI enforcement programs
    • All of the above
  3. True or False troop commanders shall be the approving authority for the assignment of discretionary overtime to sergeants, lieutenants, unless such assignment is prohibited by another Department regulation or directive, and any member whose total number of overtime hours worked during any calendar year exceeds 400 hours.
  4. The Station within whose primary jurisdiction the project/program is located shall be given first consideration to staff patrol-related overtime programs. Order the following when selecting members using 1-4 where 1 is first preference.
    • Patrol Unit Troopers First Class and Troopers
    • Patrol Unit Corporals and other Station members commonly used for patrol zone coverage.
    • All other members holding the rank of Trooper or Corporal.
    • Any member whose number of overtime hours worked during the calendar year is, at any time, temporarily deemed by the Troop Commander to have exceeded norms.
  5. Premium Time may result from which of the following:
    • A. Holiday Time
    • B. Call Time
    • C. Overtime
    • D. All of the above
  6. The ?Evening Shift? for enlisted members is any regularly scheduled shift which begins at or after ________ or before _______.
    12:00pm / 10:00pm
  7. TRUE OR FALSE: Cadets and Liquor Enforcement Officer Trainees can qualify for premium pay compensation during the period they are undergoing initial training at the Academy.
  8. TRUE OR FALSE: Travel time in conjunction with in-service training, as well as time spent in receiving such training will be included in calculating overtime.
  9. The term ?Alert Time? is used in conjunction with members and is defined as:
    Off-duty time when a member is restricted as to where they may go and what they may do in order to permit return to duty quickly upon call.
  10. Call Time: Personnel shall only be eligible for call time compensation when placed in that status by their?
    • Unit Supervisor.
    • Section/Station Commander.
  11. Holiday Time: TRUE OR FALSE. When a member has been appropriately scheduled to work on a holiday, the member shall received authorization from his/her Section/Station Commander?
  12. The CATS form shall be submitted to the immediate supervisor who shall indicate approval by approving and saving the overtime. Supervisors have ____ to approve such premium time
    48 hours
  13. Leaves Without Pay. A long-term unpaid absence is one expected to be longer than?
    One full pay period
  14. A member shall receive double time and one half for any time worked with fewer than ____ hours off duty after an overtime shift.
  15. When entering premium time data into the SAP CATS System, which text function shall be utilized:
  16. This regulation establishes procedures to be utilized when:
    • Personnel are arrested for any reason.
    • Former personnel are arrested for an act(s) which occurred while they were employed by the Department.
    • Civil action is instituted against personnel or former personnel for action taken within the scope and responsibility of the individual's office.
    • Action taken by personnel or former personnel while performing their duties is a subject of a
    • All the above
  17. True or False A blue team entry is required every time department personnel are?cited for a summary traffic arrest.
  18. When an action by personnel is the subject of a coroner?s inquest, or when personnel are arrested or notified that civil action has been instituted against them, the individual shall immediately advise his or her ____________________ by the most expedient means available.
    Troop Commander/Bureau Director
  19. TRUE OR FALSE: Scope and Responsibility of the Individual's Office: As used in this regulation, the phrase "within the scope and responsibility of the individual's office" shall mean those activities performed or engaged in during the course of an assigned shift that are of a kind and nature that personnel are employed to perform; that occur substantially within the time and space limits; that are actuated, at least in part, by a purpose to serve the Department; and, if force is intentionally used by personnel against another, it is not unexpected by the Department. The phrase shall not include bad faith or malicious conduct. The phrase shall also include "off-duty" situations when a member takes police action on any serious police matter coming to their attention.
  20. Arrested: The definition of "arrested," as used in this regulation, shall apply to any arrest, indictment, or receipt of legal process for violations of federal, state, or miscellaneous statutes including, but not limited to:
    • Arrests for felonies.
    • Arrests and summonses for misdemeanors.
    • Citations and summonses for summary offenses under the Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, etc.
    • All the above
  21. TRUE OR FALSE: Parking tickets are excluded from the reporting requirements of this regulation, unless a citation or summons is issued for failure to respond.
  22. Who at the station level is responsible for processing subpoenas?
    Subpoena Coordinator
  23. Which type of subpoena may only be personally served?
  24. Personal Service of subpoenas shall only be accepted for personnel currently assigned to that location with what exception.
    • Subpoenas for the Commissioner
    • Subpoenas for Custodian of Records
  25. What type of subpoena can be accepted by fax?
    Subpoenas issued on behalf of prosecuting attorneys
  26. Witness fees and round trip mileage are not required for criminal subpoenas. True/False
  27. A civil subpoena requiring expert testimony must include an expert witness fee of:
  28. A civil subpoena for records must specifically name the Commissioner or _________________. If not, the subpoena must be returned.
    Custodian of Records
  29. True or False Civil subpoenas naming department personnel that request both testimony and the production of documents or tangible evidence on one subpoena can be accepted as long as the proper fee accompanies the subpoena. ?(two separate subpoenas are required, not one)
  30. A civil subpoena is not effective in Pennsylvania, unless
    It is accompanied by a Pa. court order domesticating it under the Pa. Uniform Interstate & International Procedure Act.
  31. All subpoenas accepted by process servers, as well as all subpoenas received by mail or fax, shall:
    Be date/time stamped and forwarded to the subpoena coordinator
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