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  1. TRUE or FALSE) Personnel shall be aware that any individual requesting to see a Public Information Release Report may do so.
  2. Which of the following duties and responsibilities are Personnel to ensure
    • when furnishing information to the public and news media:
    • A. Is accurate and sufficiently detailed to provide an overall summary and current status of the incident.
    • B. Does not interfere with the successful conclusion of an investigation.
    • C. Does not pertain to a confidential investigation or operation, unless the release of such information is authorized in accordance with this regulation.
    • D. Is not prejudicial to the rights of the suspect or accused.
    • E. All of the above
  3. It shall be the policy of the Department to regard any or all of the following as criminal conduct requiring investigation by a law enforcement agency, and prosecutorial determination or action by the appropriate Attorney for the Commonwealth:
    • Accessing of, or attempts to access, Department information by persons not expressly authorized by the Commissioner or by regulations under the Commissioner?s signature.
    • Introduction, or attempts at introduction, of any malicious code or virus into Department computer or network resources.
  4. As a matter of law, the _______________ is the legal custodian of all Department records.
  5. When releasing a picture of suspect/accused to the media who must be consulted and grant permission before the picture is released?
    Troop Commander
  6. With respect to Department Information, the Director, Bureau of Criminal Investigation shall:
    D.) Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards: Investigate allegations of serious misconduct involving the use of the Enterprise Network.
  7. Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards will investigate allegations of serious misconduct involving the use of the Enterprise Network. True/False
  8. Bureau of Human Resources ensures that new employees sign the Information Technology User Agreement at their new employee orientation. True/False
  9. The Director, Bureau of Training and Education shall endure that the cadets of LEO trainees signed copies of the Information Technology User Agreement are forwarded to their assigned Troop of Bureau. True/False
  10. A periodic risk assessment is to be conducted to determine the Department?s most critical information assets by:
    Director, Bureau of Technology Services
  11. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that members complete a Public Information Release Report?
    • Patrol Unit Supervisors
    • Crime Unit Supervisor
  12. Whose responsibility is it to regularly monitor the usage of the enterprise network by subordinates?
  13. For abuses of the Enterprise Network by Subordinates, who initiates corrective actions when necessary?
  14. What is NOT a function of the Troop Public Information Officer?
    • a. Arrange for media coverage to introduce new law enforcement/ safety programs
    • b. Assist Troop and Station Commanders with press conferences
    • c. Coordinate media requests
    • d. Respond to incidents requiring a SERT callout within the Troop and coordinate all media information requests.
    • e. all are correct
  15. When a major event occurs which could cause a significant threat to public safety (eg. Prison break, terrorist activity, nuclear accident) The Troop Commander/Officer of the Day shall initiate the Emergency Public Information Alert. Notification should be made to the following, select all that apply:
    • AP (Associated Press) newsroom
    • television stations
    • 24 hours news radio stations
  16. True or False? Still and video photographers employed by the news media shall be provided visual access to crash scenes and ongoing incidents within legal, investigatory, and safety limits
  17. Which of the following items is not considered an example of a public record?
    c) State Employee's personnel file
  18. Problems with reporters or photographers interfering with an investigation at the scene of a crime or a crash shall be reported to ______________________ through the Station Commander or Troop Officer of the Day.
    the Department Public Information Office
  19. Authorized employees of federal, state, county, and municipal criminal justice agencies may be permitted to read and make notations from an investigative report on a need-to-know basis. The name of the individual, their title, agency, and the date of the release shall be documented in the appropriate report. Information pertaining to informants _______________.
    shall be protected
  20. Information concerning confidential informants shall be protected. True/False
  21. Requests for criminal history record information by noncriminal justice agencies and individuals shall not be honored. True/False
  22. A Subpoena Duces Tecum issued from a federal court must be delivered in person. True/False
  23. Former personnel who have been subpoenaed as prosecution witnesses shall have a copy of the investigative report made available to them for court testimony through the district attorney?s office. True/False
  24. True/False-The identity of all adult persons involved in crashes and juveniles charged as adults (pursuant to Juvenile Act ,42 Pa C.S Section 6301) is public information once any required notifications are made.
  25. True/False-In the event a member or employee is asked a question at a civil court proceeding and the answer falls within the exclusions described in this regulation the individual shall request to be excused and attempt to confer directly with the Chief Counsel or designee.
  26. True/False-COURT ORDER-At a Troop Headquarters or Station, upon receipt of a court order to produce a report, the order shall be forwarded directly to the Commissioner.
  27. USE OF THE ENTERPRISE NETWORK-Individuals aware of any breach of information system or network security, or the compromise of computer or network security safeguards, shall immediately report such situations to their supervisor and to the PSP System Security Administrator:
    As soon as practicable.
  28. USE OF THE ENTERPRISE NETWORK-True/False-The Director, Bureau of Technology Services, or designee, must approve and issue system user accounts and any change to those accounts.
  29. True/False It is okay to listen to the Internet radio on Commonwealth computers?
  30. Failure to comply with the provisions of the Enterprise Network User Agreement can result in restriction, suspension, or termination of a user?s access immediately by:
    Enterprise Network System Administrator.
  31. True/False Official correspondence can be forwarded via email without going through the appropriate chain of command.
  32. Distribution or forwarding mass mailing must first be approved by:
    Troop Commanders/Bureau/Office Directors, or their designee
  33. Who is responsible for monitoring the Enterprise Network, email, and internet usage of all personnel for inappropriate activity?
    System Security Administration Section, Bureau of Technology Services
  34. Which of the following was created to advise personnel of their obligations while using the Department Enterprise Network?
    The Information Technology User Agreement
  35. Members are encouraged to utilize the Enterprise Network for the following activities;
    • a. Monitor issues relevant to assigned duties
    • b. Transfer data between organizations for which security is not a concern
    • c. Research required as a part of assigned duties
    • d. All of the above
  36. True or False. Files that are downloaded from the internet shall be scanned with virus detection software before installation or execution.
  37. The process of removing a portion of a document that is not subject to release is called?
  38. Subpoena Processing Unit is a unit within the Bureau of __________ and _________ located in Department Headquarters, which will process all subpoenas for records
    Records and Identification.
  39. Subpoenas are date/time sensitive and shall be processed prior to the date of compliance on the subpoena, or within _____ days of receipt for state subpoena, if no compliance date is listed
  40. True or False. The Office of Chief Counsel assist the Subpoena Processing Unit on questions regarding validity of any Subpoena Duces Tecum.
  41. The duty/duties and responsibilities of Troop Commanders and Bureau/Office Directors, when dealing with Subpoenas, is/are?
    • a. Assign a Subpoena Coordinator as liaison to assist the Subpoena Processing Unit, and to locate and copy reports.
    • b. Ensure that any subpoenas addressed to the Commissioner are accepted at each Installation
    • c. Ensure negatives and videos are forwarded to the Bureau of Forensic Services, when requested.
    • d. All of the above.
  42. Which are the following steps that should taken upon receipt of a subpoena:
    • 1. Look for the word ?Subpoena? on the document
    • 2. Determine if it is a proper subpoena
    • 3. Determine who the subpoena is addressed to
    • 4. Determine if the subpoena is state or federal
    • 5. All of the above
  43. Subpoenas for Police Crash Reports will also be received, and must be addressed to:
    The Commissioner or Custodian of Records
  44. True or False: Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Reports, photographs, videos, and other attachments are not part of the Police Crash Report and must be specifically requested.
  45. Who is responsible for ensuring that the proof sheet is made and retained prior to forwarding the requested negatives to the Bureau of Forensic Services.
    Troop Commander / Bureau Director
  46. If the subpoena requests copies of disciplinary matters of a member/employee of the Pennsylvania State Police, what type of rejection letter is to be sent:
  47. Police Crash reports can be queried through Q-Term by using what command?
    FS ADM
  48. Incident Reports can be queried through the CLEAN system by using what command?
    FS QIC
  49. You receive a subpoena requesting reports/records that include information of a 14-year-old that has been adjudicated delinquent and committed the crime of Robbery. According to the juvenile act these records may be released to the public. True/False
  50. If the conduct of the child meets the requirements for disclosure all of the following are released, EXCEPT?
    Date of Birth of child
  51. If a subpoena requests documents of which the contents may contain any confidential wiretap information, records maintained by the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS), or any intelligence information maintained under the Criminal History Record Information Act (CHRIA), send a Rejection Letter marked _____________________.
  52. Which of the following organizational segments have entered into written Memorandums of Understanding with the Department to have access to Department reports without a subpoena or formal request letter to the Commissioner?
    • A. Defense Security Service
    • B. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • C. Department of Environmental Protection
    • D. All the above
  53. Which of the following organizational segments have entered into verbal Memorandums of Understanding with the Department to have access to Department reports without a subpoena or formal request letter to the Commissioner?
    • A. Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency
    • B. Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
    • C. Pennsylvania Department of General Services
    • D. All the above
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