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  1. Program referrals consist of: ?Self-Referrals?, ?Supervisor Referrals? and ?Mandatory Supervisory Referrals?. True/False
  2. When a subordinate is experiencing problems that are affecting work performance, the supervisor can order the subordinate to report to MAP. All mandatory supervisory referrals shall be made to the respective ___________ and or/Program Manager/Assistant Manager.
    Regional Peer Coordinator and or Peer Manager
  3. Peer Contact assistance may be rendered during on-duty or off duty hours. Overtime is only authorized when activated by:
    Program Manager or Regional Peer Coordinators
  4. The ?Regional Peer Coordinator? will assume the operational responsibilities of the program in the absence of the ?Program Manager? his/her request. True/False
  5. Members of the Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards, when performing internal affairs duties, are vested with the line authority of ______________.
    The Commissioner
  6. An IA Investigation is documented on what report?
    General investigation
  7. True or False, a non-complaint investigation is defined as an investigation into the actions of Department personnel.
  8. A ________ is used for recording complaints against Department personnel and capturing information concerning use of force incidents.
    • Blue team entry
    • Sexual Harassment includes verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature where any of the following occur (page 5):
    • Submission to or rejection of such conduct is a term or condition of employment
    • Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions
    • Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.
    • All of the above are correct
  9. The following is not considered a Non-Complaint Investigation category (page 6):
    Dissatisfaction with performance of duty
  10. Which of the following shall not be a blue team entry?
    All of the above
  11. Physical force incidents involving the use of O.C., expandable baton, or the electronic immobilization device (EID) which do not result in injury beyond decontamination shall be recorded on the (page 6):
    Blue team entry screen on the PSPinet
  12. Complaint Investigation categories include all of the following except (page 5)
    • Physical abuse
    • Verbal Abuse
    • Criminal Conduct
    • Roadblock*
    • Improper Conduct Off Duty
  13. The two types of dispositions for Non-Complaint Investigations are (page 7):
    Justified or Improper
  14. Investigators shall receive written prosecutorial decisions with ___ days of the receipt of the investigative report for review.
  15. When the facts of an investigation warrant, the Adjudicating Officer shall appropriate ___________________ of false information provided with the intent to implicate personnel in the commission of a crime or facts indicate other criminal active.
    Criminal Investigative unit.
  16. For issues related to performance inadequacies and minor complaints a ________________ shall be used to best address these issues.
    Supervisory Resolution
  17. Which of the following maybe resolved in a Supervisory Resolution:
    • Minor interaction complaints
    • Dissatisfaction with performance of duty, rudeness, discourtesy
  18. What are two outcomes of a Supervisory Resolution?
    No issue and Performance issue
  19. The rights warning and waiver form Sp1-103 shall be given:
    to subject(s) of any criminal investigations to delineate criminal investigations from internal investigative interviews
  20. Union Representation is the responsibility of the _________________
    subject to be interviewed
  21. Personnel who are the subject of an administrative investigation, may at any time during the course of an internal investigation, be ordered by the appropriate authority to submit to:
    • Breath test, urine test, blood test, hair test or DNA testing.
    • Polygraph test.
    • Lineup.
    • Medical / psychological / psychiatric evaluation.
  22. True or False - Personnel who are the subject of an administrative investigation may, upon direction of the investigating officer or other authority, be required to submit correspondence related to the alleged misconduct or performance of duty.
  23. True or False - All complaints alleging sexual impropriety and requiring investigation shall be assigned to an investigator within the Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards, IAD.
  24. The Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards shall maintain primary responsibility for investigating allegations of: serious misconduct, sexual impropriety, domestic violence, corruption and ethics violation may retain primary investigative responsibility for which of the following:
    • Serious Misconduct
    • Sexual impropriety
    • Domestic violence
    • Corruption and ethics violations
  25. True or False ? A complaint alleging sexual impropriety may be deemed ?withdrawn? on the basis of a complainant failing to return a Complaint Verification.
  26. True or False ? Blue Team shall be completed in accordance with AR 4-25. No investigation will be undertaken into complaints lodged by personnel unless a substantiation of the allegation would give rise to formal discipline.
  27. True or False - Any complaint of sexual impropriety shall be immediately be entered into Blue Team as soon as possible but not later than the end of the assigned shift of the received complaint.
  28. True or False - Complainants shall be required to appear at a Department installation to initiate a complaint.
  29. The Director, IAD shall notify the complainant that their complaint has been received. When personnel initiate a complaint, this notification may not be required. True/False
  30. The General Investigation Report shall be used to report both IA investigations and Supervisor Resolutions. True/False
  31. Personnel who are directly or indirectly associated with a matter under investigation may be directed by the investigating officer or other authority to submit correspondence containing an account of their knowledge and involvement. Such correspondence shall include complete answers to any related questions of the investigator. Absent exigent circumstances, personnel shall be provided ________ to submit the correspondence to the investigator or higher authority.
    48 hours
  32. Members of a taped interview may obtain a copy of their recorded interview upon written request to the Director, IAD. Within ________ after the last interview is completed, the member shall be provided with a copy of their taped interview.
    • 5 working days
    • 10 working days
    • 15 working days
    • 20 working days
    • None of the above
  33. Personal property of personnel is not subject to search and seizure for administrative work-related investigations without reasonable suspicion. Probable cause and/or a search warrant, as required by law, are necessary to search and seize the personal property for criminal investigative purposes. However, Department property may be searched at any time, even if assigned to or used exclusively by a single individual. This search may be conducted by any authorized person pursuant to an investigation. True/False
  34. When documenting interviews for an Internal Investigation, all OM 7-2 reporting requirements shall be followed to include race and ethnicity. True/False
  35. You have been an Internal Affairs Investigation. Within how many days after the assignment of the investigation shall the report and all attachment be submitted to the Director of IAD?
    30 days
  36. You are acting as the Officer of the Day when you receive a call from the midnight Corporal. He advised you that he and another Trooper were involved in a fatal shooting at a Domestic dispute. Who do you assign to secure the scene and initiate a preliminary investigation?
    Another Supervisor who was not involved in the incident
  37. Whenever a member is involved in a shooting incident which causes injury or death that member shall receive professional counseling as soon as possible but no more ____ hours after the incident.
    72 hours
  38. The Director of IAD is responsible for forwarding all completed IAD investigations to the Chief Counsel?s Office for evaluation. True/False
    • False
    • Who is responsible for forwarding the BIPS investigative report with endorsement to the Deputy Commissioner of Administration and Professional Responsibility?
    • The reviewing officer.
  39. True or False: Personnel investigations are confidential and may only be reviewed with authorization of the commissioner of designee.
  40. True/False It is the policy of the Department to provide equal opportunity for all personnel and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religious, creed, ancestry, union membership, sex, sexual orientation national origin, AIDS or HIV status, or disability.
  41. The two types of workplace harassment are:
    Discriminatory and Sexual
  42. True/False The Department?s harassment policy shall extend to all Department-approved functions, including those attended outside of the workplace.
  43. Race/ethnicity shall not be included in reference to Department personnel or the identified member/enforcement officer, unless that information is relevant to the supervisor?s review. True/False
  44. Supervisor EIP nominations are to be directed to the Troop Commander or Bureau/Office Director and shall then be reviewed by the Director, Bureau of Integrity & Professional Standards prior to official inclusion in EIP. True/False
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