AR 4-22

  1. Supervisors shall complete an Employee Performance Review at least?
  2. When personnel receive a rating of unsatisfactory on any one factor of an EPR or an overall rating of needs improvement during a probationary period, interim EPR?s shall be prepared how often until overall performance becomes satisfactory?
  3. Members assigned to specialized positions on or after Jan. 01, 2005, shall be given _______ EPR?s during their 12 month probationary period?
  4. Commanders and Directors shall ensure a supervisor is assigned to evaluate each person under their command. The supervisor who rates a subordinate shall be sufficiently knowledgeable of the subordinate's work performance, and shall have supervised the subordinate for at least ______ calendar days.
  5. If a supervisor has prior knowledge that he/she is going to promote, transfer, or retire, he/she shall prepare a draft EPR for all the personnel under their supervision who have not received an EPR within the last ____ calendar days, or whose current evaluation period will not expire within the next ____ calendar days.
    90, 90
  6. True or False: All supervisors shall be trained in the performance evaluation process. Training shall be accomplished through the Basic Supervision Course offered by the Bureau of Training and Education.
  7. Supervisors shall complete a subordinate's EPR within _____ days of the end of the evaluation period of the subordinate.
  8. True or False: Supervisors shall maintain a supervisory file for each subordinate. Supervisors are the exclusive custodians of their supervisory files and shall maintain them in a secure location. Access to information from the supervisory file shall be at the discretion of the supervisor; however, subordinates shall be provided with documentation pertinent to their performance.
  9. Employee Performance Reviews (EPRs) shall be accessed electronically by logging on to:
    PSP INet
  10. Approximately six months prior to the annual evaluation, or two and one-half months for probationary personnel who are not entry level, the supervisor shall hold a progress review meeting with the subordinate to discuss performance in each of the job factors. True/False
  11. If corrections are necessary on the EPR, the rater shall:
    Draw a single horizontal line through the incorrect information and print the correct information directly above and initial any corrections.
  12. The purpose of the Supervisor?s Notation is to provide supervisors with a quick reference relative to a member?s positive or negative work-related performance and/or conduct. True/False
  13. The Supervisor's Notation shall be typed or printed legibly with a ballpoint pen in original and one copy. True/False
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AR 4-22
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