AR 4-9

  1. According to A.R. 4-9 who can authorize the immediate removal of an employee from their position when the seriousness of an offense requires it?
    Director, Bureau of Human Resources
  2. Reduced time or intermittent work hours may be approved at the Commissioner or his designee?s discretion in conjunction with FMLA as follows:
    Intermittent or reduced-time leave shall not be granted after the initial six-month leave entitlement expires & at any time, provided that the initial leave entitlement has not expired or been depleted
  3. Personnel who request a leave extension beyond the initial leave entitlement, shall submit a request through channels to the Director, Bureau of Personnel. The ____ or ___ shall make a specific recommendation regarding the request. In no case shall the total amount of parental leave exceed one year from the date of birth or of assuming custody of an adoptive or foster child. Select the two that apply:
    • Troop Commander
    • Bureau Director
  4. Reemployment: Upon return from an approved absence under FMLA an individual shall have the right to return to the _____ position or to an ________ position with regard to pay and skill.
    same, equivalent
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