AR 4-5

  1. What types of leave can a Cadet use while in training?
    sick bereavement
  2. The leave calendar year is defined as what?
    The first full pay period of the year thru the end of the pay period which includes Dec. 31
  3. True/False Benefits generally continue during all types of paid leave.
  4. Members shall be required to utilize two personal days prior to the end of the pay period that includes June 30. If a member is required to work on a scheduled personal leave day and is unable to reschedule the day by the end of the pay period that includes June 30, due to the demands of their work, an extension of how long may be granted?
    Seven-pay periods
  5. If operational needs make it necessary to limit the number of personnel on annual leave at the same time, preference shall be given based on:
  6. Sick leave can be used by member for the death of a cousin that lives with the member? True/False
  7. Sick family leave can not exceed ____ days in any calendar year.
  8. A PCO calls station and asks to use a sick family day to care for her brother. Can this be granted?
    • Yes Employees: Immediate family is defined as: husband, wife, child, stepchild,
    • parent, brother, or sister of the employee.
  9. If an individual is required to return to work from a scheduled vacation during a leave period of five days or more, the following rules shall apply:
    • Compensated for a minimum of a full work shift at the rate of one and one
    • half times their regular hourly pay for each day of the scheduled vacation
    • worked
  10. The Troop Commander or Bureau Director shall assign a Commissioned Officer or a designated noncommissioned officer to visit any member who is on sick leave more than three consecutive days. Thereafter, how often shall visitations be made?
    not less than one visitation during each pay period
  11. Employees, upon retirement, shall be paid for their accumulated, unused sick leave (in whole days only) in accordance with the current labor contract if one of the following criteria is met:
    • Superannuation retirement with a minimum of five years of credited service under the State and/or Public School Employes' Retirement Systems.
    • Disability retirement, which requires at least five years of credited service in the State and/or Public School Employes? Retirement Systems.
    • After seven years of service, death prior to retirement separation of service, as defined in the current labor contract.
    • All of the above.
  12. Special Extension of Sick Leave: Only permanent personnel, with at least one year of service are eligible for a special extension of sick leave when all accrued and anticipated annual, personal, and sick leave have been used in a leave calendar year. All of the following statements concerning sick leave extensions are true except:
    The Commissioner?s approval is not required.
  13. Potential leave abuse or misuse may be recognized or identified as which of the following?
    • When there is repeated usage on a particular day of the week.
    • Usage before or after a holiday
    • An excessive amount of absences of less than three days without a doctor?s certification
  14. Personnel identified as abusing or misusing leave privileges may be placed on a leave restriction. The leave restriction must be communicated in writing and must contain all of the following information except:
    Duties assigned while on restriction
  15. The time period for scheduling compensatory time off is __ days.
  16. (True or False): Personnel are entitled to holiday leave while on work-related injury leave or long-term leave without pay.
  17. Which of the following purposes requires the approval of the Office of Administration for administrative leave?
    • Interest arbitration, contract negotiation, or preparation under Act 111. A maximum of 15 members of the committee and necessary witnesses shall be granted administrative leave, including travel time, as is reasonably necessary to complete the foregoing.
    • A grievant or witness at a grievance arbitration. Prior approval is required and is granted provided the member or employee is scheduled to work and, for a witness, provided they actually testify.
    • Voting or watching at a labor election site.
    • Competition in international and world championships. A maximum of 30 workdays per leave calendar year for amateur athletes chosen to represent the United States in events sanctioned and authorized by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) of the United States or the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).
  18. (True or False): Up to four hours of administrative leave shall be granted to a member each leave calendar year for blood donation.
  19. (True or False): 30 days of administrative leave may be granted for official training periods as determined by the AAU or the USOC, travel time to and from the competition site, and a reasonable period of time at the competition site.
  20. TRUE OR FALSE? Administrative leave can be granted for up to four hours per year for the purpose of a member to donate blood?
  21. TRUE OR FALSE? Administrative leave can be granted for employees once per ? a calendar year so that a member can take a civil service exam?
  22. TRUE OR FALSE? Civil leave shall be used when a member is a subpoenaed witness who is a party in a civil suit?
    False Only when a member is a witness not a party of the suit.
  23. Which of the following reasons can civil leave be used?
    • Witness for a workman?s compensation claim
    • When a member is a certified volunteer for the Red Cross disaster relief and working in that capacity. Once approved by the Commissioner,
    • Members who are also Fire Fighters and working in that capacity at a disaster located within Pennsylvania.
  24. TRUE OR FALSE? Only personnel with two or more years credited service are eligible for leave to attend fulltime, outservice training.
  25. How many days per calendar year are Military Reservists or Pa National Guardsmen allowed to take of Military Leave with Pay for the purpose of training?
  26. Military Leave WITH benefits is coded as MO and Military Leave WITHOUT benefits is coded MW: True/False
  27. Permanent personnel who leave their jobs for the purpose of entering, voluntarily or involuntarily, any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, any of its Reserve components, or any of its National Guard components for the purpose of training or service shall be granted military leave without pay: True/False
  28. Approval for the request of military leave without pay with benefits and/or military leave without benefits without pay shall be done with correspondence and a copy of military orders being submitted through channels to the Director, Bureau of Personnel for approval by the Commissioner. True/False
  29. Personnel in the National Guard , for Training and Active Duty, may be placed on leave with pay with benefits for a maximum of _______ workdays per leave calendar year.
  30. PA National Guard personnel that are ordered to service by the PA Governor for emergencies are not subject to the aforementioned 15-day entitlement. True/False
  31. Personnel have the right to return to employment at the time of, or prior to, the expiration of military leave upon notifying the Commissioner of the desire and availability to return to Commonwealth service. True/ False
  32. Personnel shall not be eligible again for the full sick leave without pay entitlement until _____ months in an active pay status have elapsed from the last day without pay under the initial entitlement.
  33. A copy of the request for the individual's change of duty status, as well as all related documents, shall be forwarded to the Director, Bureau of Personnel, within how long?
    two weeks
  34. TRUE or FALSE: An immediate supervisor can approve the use of sick pay without leave.
  35. Personnel who utilize sick leave without pay on an intermittent or reduced-time basis, will earn Holiday Pay as they did prior to the beginning of the leave if the intermittent or reduced-time leave is expected to be for fewer than ___ calendar days.
  36. When requesting LEAVE TIME, Leave time shall be requested, used, and recorded to the nearest_____ hour
  37. The family care leave without pay entitlement shall not exceed _____ weeks.
  38. For members who shall be utilizing the family care leave, a CLEAN message of correspondence providing notification of the individuals change in duties shall be sent to
    Director, Bureau of Personnel
  39. Once a members leave is complete they shall have the right to return to the same position in the same classification held before going on family care leave.     True/False
  40. Personnel who are absent without leave for five or more consecutive workdays shall be considered to have abandoned employment.     True/False
  41. True/False -Troop Commanders and Bureau Directors shall issue one orange sticker to employees designated as essential solely to facilitate their travel to and from the work site in those severe circumstances where the emergency conditions cause the closing of public roadways.
  42. True/False - The employee issued an orange sticker shall attach the sticker in the blank space on the left area of the I.D. card between the “Hair” and “Card No.” field names so the physical description information is visible.
  43. Troop Commanders and Bureau Directors shall provide an updated list of all essential employees to the Director, Bureau of Personnel:
  44. Parental leave without pay benefits (under FMLA Family Medical Leave Act) may be granted for a period of up to _________ months when full time members have a child through childbirth, adoption or foster placement. The request should be made 2 weeks in advance.
    6 months
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