Words from Latin Roots (1)

  1. agenda
    n: a list or plan of things to be done in the future; listed items to be taken up at a meeting
  2. agile
    a: quick and easy of movement or thought; resourceful
  3. alienate
    v: to make someone unfriendly, withdrawn, or indifferent
  4. altercation
    n: a heated or angry argument; a noisy quarrel
  5. amiable
    a: generally pleasant, friendly, and nice to be around
  6. amorous
    a: suggestive of love, lovemaking, or sexual desire
  7. animated
    a: filled with life and spirit; active
  8. equanimity
    n: calmness or evenness of mind or spirit; even-temperedness
  9. inalienable
    a: possessing neither life nor spirit; not alive
  10. inanimate
    a: possessing neither life nor spirit; not alive
  11. magnanimous
    a: showing a kind of nobleness of mind and spirit; high-minded free from pettiness
  12. reactionary
    a: characterized by idea suggesting a desire to move backward, especially in matters related to politics;

    n: a person with such ideas
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Words from Latin Roots (1)
Words from Latin Roots (1)