Gastrointestinal Oncology

  1. Tamoxifen was replaced by Arumadex as breast cancer treatment. How does Arumadex work?
    Blocks estrogen receptors which helps keep the cancer in remission
  2. Research suggested Arumadex is more over ______ periods of time. What was the result?
    • longer
    • Use was extended from 5 years to 10 years
  3. TC chemotherapy is a combination of two drugs that is used to treat breast cancer. What are those two drugs?
    Taxotere and Cyclophoshamide
  4. Explain Pholcomaleia
    it is a condition resulting in pregnant women from taking the sleep medication Thalidomide. Thalidomide led to ill formed blood vessels in their children which caused missing digits and even missing limbs
  5. How does Avastine work?
    Anti-angiogenesis, that is to say, it cuts off blood circulation to cancer cells by inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels around them. The cancer cells die off with little chance of growing back
  6. What is the drawback of Avastine?
    Unfortunately, with such poor circulation, injuries suffered naturally will have a lot of trouble healing. Additionally, Avastine can also cause protein spills into the urine which can lead to kidney failure.
  7. Yellowing of the eyes can be a sign of ______
  8. Suggestion for patient who has lost taste sensation due to chemo drugs/cancer
    Swish/spit baking soda and water solution or green tea before eating
  9. Suggestion for chemo patients with metallic taste in mouth
    try sucking on lemon juice before eating
  10. Pinguencula
    yellowing or thickening of the conjunctiva of the sclera (white part of the eye) due to excess sun exposure
  11. lobectomy
    surgical removal of a lobe of an organ such as the thyroid gland, lung, or liver.
  12. Venous malformation
    general term that includes congenitalvascular anomalies of only veins, only lymph vessels, both veins and lymph vessels, or both Arteries and Veins: Only veins: Venous Malformations (VM)
  13. Anal cancer was originally treated via _______ ______ _______ (AP) which involved surgical removal of the entire _______ and left patients miserable with colostomy bags. Anal cancer is usually a result of _____.
    • abdominal perineal resection (AP)
    • rectum
    • HPV
  14. Anal cancer is now treated with a combination of _____ and _____ which in the long run leads to more ________ patients and is a viable cure
    • chemotherapy and radiation
    • satisfied
  15. Hemrrhoid
    a swollen vein or group of veins in the region of the anus.
  16. fibrosis
    the thickening and scarring of connective tissue, usually as a result of injury
  17. ileus
    a painful obstruction of the ileum or other part of the intestine.
  18. Colon cancer has a tendency to metastisize to the _______
  19. T or F: PT scans can tell if there is a cancer in the bladder
    F: only a biopsy can tell
  20. Best drug for relieving diarrhea
    Seneca S
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