Hierachy of Classification

  1. List the hierachy of classification in order
    • Kingdom
    • Phylum
    • Class
    • Order
    • Family
    • Genus
    • Species
  2. What is the hierachy of classification used for??
    • It is used for the naming of invertebrates using the binomial nonmenclature (2 names)
    • the genus and species.
  3. Why are the genus and species name written in Latin?
    It is written in Latin for consensus, to be accurate and toavoid confusion among international scientists of different cultures.
  4. What is the purpose of the hierachy of classification?
    It's purpose is to show the evolutionary relationship between invertebrates. The hierachy of classification also emphasizes the similarities and differences between organisms. (will either reflect common or uncommon ancestory).
  5. The hierachy becomes less inclusive from kingdom to species.
  6. What is trinomial nonmenclature?
    • Trinomial nonmenclature is a reference to three names;
    • Genus
    • Species
    • Sub-species
  7. What is each catergory of the hierachy of classification called?
    Each catergory is called a taxon; pluralized taxa
  8. Each taxon maybe raised to become more inclusive (super) or lowered to become less inclusive (sub).
    When you extend the hierachy of classification, it becomes less or more exclusive.
  9. Taxonomy vs Systematics
    • Taxonomy is the scicne of classification. Systematics is the evolutionary relationship between diverse invertebrate organisms. Systematics shows bio-diversity and kinship but taxonomy is a sub-group to systematics.
    • They are related to each other.
  10. What are the difference between analogous and homologous structures?
    Analogous structures are those similar in apperance and function but no common ancestory. Example wings of butterfly and bird. Representing convergent evolution

    Homologous structures are different in apperance as well as structure but yet they have a common ancestor. Representing divergent evolution.
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