DHE 112 Chapter 2 Cultural Health Influences

  1. What does Culture directly influence?
    values, including those pertaining to health status, practices, and beliefs.
  2. TERM: when all health care providers practice competently with patients from all cultures?
    Cultural competence
  3. Culture is a conceptual framework that has relevance in?
    health professions research, education, and practice.
  4. _____ is defined is an integrated pattern of human behavior that include the language, thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups?
  5. _____ is when many different cultures are present in a group.
    Cultural diversity
  6. Moving beyond diversity to inclusiveness ?
    • • Diversity welcome
    • • Understanding there are differences
    • • Respecting all cultures
  7. What motivates the practice of giving health information directly to the patient, not the family or family head, and to expect patients to make their own healthcare decision?
    Ethnocentric values of individualism and freedom
  8. A patients understanding of the cause of illness, what is the expected treatment, the role of the sick individual, and how the illness affects his or her life is described as?
    Patients explanatory model
  9. Health care providers need to understand their own ______ and ______ to better understand their patients.
    cultural beliefs,  values
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DHE 112 Chapter 2 Cultural Health Influences
DHE 112 Chapter 2 Cultural Health Influences