API 571 Brittle Fracture

  1. A brittle fracture:
    Grows very rapidly with minimum deformation prior to failure
  2. Which of the following materials is least affected by brittle fracture?
    Carbon steel, Chromes, 300 Series SS, 400 Series SS, or all SS?
    300 Series SS
  3. Which of the following is not a critical factor that contributes to a brittle fracture?

    C) Maximum operating temperature
  4. Resistance to Brittle Fracture is called?
  5. Which of the following increases the likelihood of Brittle Fracture?

    A) Larger grain size
  6. Which of the following increases the likelihood of brittle fracture?

    C) Thicker Material
  7. What test is used to determine a materials toughness?

    C) Charpy Impact Test
  8. Most brittle failures occur:

    B) Below the impact transition temperature
  9. ASME Section VIII had few limitations concerning Brittle Fracture prior to:

    C) 1987
  10. A 4" thick 5 Cr vessel operates at 1200 psig and 900°F. When is this vessel least likely to fail by Brittle Fracture?

    B) Normal operation
  11. Most brittle failures appear as:

    A) cleavage
  12. Which of the following is NOT a method used to prevent brittle fracture?

    D) Thorough inspections
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