English High school test

  1. What are the Plot arc points?
    • 1. exposition
    • 2. inciting action
    • 3.rising action
    • 4. climax 
    • 5. falling action 
    • 6. resolution
  2. What is the exposition?
    The beginning of the story; who what and when
  3. what is the inciting incident?
    The start of the main conflict
  4. What is the rising action?
    Actions that lead to the climax or effect the conflict.
  5. What is climax?
    Something happens that can not be undone.
  6. What is falling action?
    Events after climax, leading to resolution
  7. what is resolution?
    The outcome of the climax
  8. What are the four types of conflict?
    • Man vs. Self
    • Man vs. Man
    • Man vs. Society 
    • Man vs. Nature
  9. What is dejection?
    Lowness in spirits
  10. what is disheveled?
  11. what is profoundly?
  12. what is indignant?
    displeasure about something
  13. what is a blunder?
    Careless mistake
  14. What is exquisite?
  15. what is plot?
    the actions in the story
  16. what is character?
    The main people or animals that carry out the action.
  17. what is conflict?
    a struggle in the plot or story
  18. what is theme?
    the main idea
  19. what is setting?
    where and when of the story.
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