Eng exam

  1. I wish everybody ___ the meeting tomorrow.

    C) would attend

    wish + would / could + do sth
  2. It's time we__the lecture because everybody has arrived.

    A) started

    it+be+time+从句 谓语动词用一般过去式
  3. The policeman gace the thief a blow in ___ stomach.

    C) the

  4. I have been looking forward to ___ from my parents.

    • C) hearing
    • look forward to +n. or v.ing
  5. A police officer claimed that the young man had attempted to ___ paying his fare.

    C) avoid

    avoid doing sth
  6. People at the party worried about him, beause no one was aware ___he had gone.

    A) of where

    be aware of 固定短语
  7. A sudden noise of a fire-engine made him___ to the door.

    B) hurry

    make 接不带to的动词不定式
  8. You object___, don't you?

    D) to their coming

    object to + n. or v.ing
  9. __his examination of the patient, the doctor wrote out a prescription.

    C) Having finished

  10. Hardly___ on stage___ the audience started cheering.

    C) had he come/when

    hardly...when... "一...就...", hardly 句首——》 倒装
  11. The old lady is quarrelling with others as if she___mad.

    C) were

    as if 引导让步状语从句————》虚拟语气
  12. My wallet is nowhere to be found. I___in the store.

    A) must have dropped it

    must+完成式 表示过去发生情况的猜测
  13. The manager will not___ us to yse his car.

    B) allow

    allow sb. to do sth
  14. It's a good idea. But who's going to ___ the plan?

    A) carry out

    carry out 执行 get through 完成 度过 take in 吸收 领会 set aside 不理会
  15. Before the final examination, some students have shown___ of tension. They even have trouble in sleeping.

    C) signs

    anxiety&tension 紧张 mark 记号 sign 迹象 remark 评论
  16. The problem is not ___ so easy as you think. It's far from being settled.

    C) nearly

    hardly & scarcely 几乎不 almost+not 几乎不 not nearly 相差很远
  17. He is fond of playing___ piano while his brother is interested in listening to ___ music

    D) the /

    乐器加the music 不可数可以不用the or 代表特指
  18. Don't you feel surprised to see George at the meeting?
    Yes. I really didn't think he___ here.

    A) would be

    i really didin't think =>过去将来时
  19. Children under fifteen are not permitted to see such kind of movies___ bad for their mental development.

    B) as is

    such ... as...
  20. Nancy was badly injured in the accident yesterday and she was sent to hospital.
    Oh, really? I ___. I___ visit her.

    C) didn't know; will go to

    • 第一空 过去动作 用一般过去式
    • 第二空 即将要做的事 will
    • am going to 按计划 按安排做事
  21. Why does he look sad?
    There are so many problems___.

    C) remaining to be settled

    • remain 不及物 => remaining=that remains
    • settle 置于 remain 后 被动表示未完成
  22. The physics exam is not difficult, is it?
    ___. Even Harry___ to the top students failed in it.

    A) yes; belonging

    • Yes (it is) 物理考试难
    • belong 定语 => belonging =who belongs to
  23. Two days is not enough for him to finish the work. He needs ___ day.

    C) a third

    • a third day 还需要一天
    • the third day 第三天
  24. In____, the northerners have a partivular liking for dumplings while the southerners are fond of rice.

    B) general

    In common 共有 In total 总计 In particular 特别 in general 一般来说
  25. ___ no need ___ the radio as I'm used to studying with it on.

    D) There's; turning off

    there's no need doing sth 做某事徒劳
  26. The film brought the hours back to me___ I was taken good care of in that remote village.

    D) when
  27. Professor Smith promised to look___ my paper, that is, to read it carefully before the defence.

    D) over

    look over 浏览,阅读 look after 照顾,照看 look on 认为,看待 look into 调查
  28. As the bus came round the corner, it ran___a big tree by the roadside.

    C) into

    ~ into 撞上 ~ on 流逝 ~ over 溢出 ~ up 高涨
  29. Never before ___ see such a terrible car accidnt on the road!

    A) did I

    Never 在句首, 应倒装。
  30. John's father___ mathematics in this school ever since he graduated from Harvard University.

    B) has taught

    状态一直持续到现在 现在完成时
  31. Had you come five minutes earlier, you ___ the train to Birmingham. But now you missed it.

    D) wold have caught

  32. Eggs, though rich in nourishments, have___of fat.

    B) a large amount

    an amount of 修饰不可数
  33. I don't know the park, but it's ___ to be quite beautiful.

    B) said

    said that...=be said to be 据说
  34. Mike is better than Peter___ swimming.

    C) at

    be good at 擅长
  35. Nancy is ___ girl.
    a) a eighteen-year-old
    b) an eighteen-years-old
    c) a eighteen-years-old
    d) an eighteen-year-old
    d) an eighteen-year-old
  36. Harry, who had failed in the final exam, had a great worry___ his mind.

    D) on

    • on one's mind 担心
    • in one's mind 记住
  37. You don't mind___ you Xiao Li, do you?

    B) my calling

    mind, enjoy,avoid, deny, admit, appreciate+ verbing
  38. You___ buy some reference books when you go to college.

    B) will have to

    could might 时态不符
  39. The atmosphere___ certain gases mixed together in definite proportions.

    B) consists of

    consist of / be composed of/ be made up of 由。。。组成
  40. The girl is ___ of a film star.

    D) something

    be something of a/an + N 有点像...
  41. Charles regretted ___ the TV set last year.

    B) buying

    • regret V.ing 后悔做某事
    • regret to do sth 为做某事感到遗憾
  42. We all thought ___ pity that you were unable to attend our meeting

    a) that
    b) which
    d) this
    d) it
    d) it

    it 作形式宾语 that 引导的从句作真正的宾语
  43. The dean of the Philosophy Department requested that the visiting scholar___ a lecture on the philosopher Sartre.

    C) give

    • should give
    • request, suggest, demand, order, insist 虚拟语气
    • should+verb
  44. Jane's dress is similar in design___ her sister's.

    C) to

    be similar to
  45. I was satisfied with her explanation,____.

    D) so were my classmates

    was 表示过去
  46. His salary as a driver is much higher than ___.

    D) that of a porter

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