Chapter 1

  1. List the nine specialties of dentistry
    • 1.Public Health Dentistry
    • 2.Endodontics
    • 3.Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    • 4.Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology
    • 5.Periodontics
    • 6.Pediatric Dentistry
    • 7.Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
    • 8.Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
    • 9.Prosthodontics
  2. One of the criteria for determining if a health problem is a public health problem is if causes ______ which is the or causes _____ which is _____
    • morbidity: a diseased state or condition
    • mortality: the death rate
  3. What is the second criteria for determining if a problem is a health problem or public health problem
    If there is a perception by the public or governmental authorities that the condition is a public health problem
  4. Public health is always trying to find the correct balance between _______ and _____: which is _______
    • respect for individual autonomy (a person’s freedom)
    • social justice: everybody deserves an equal economic, political, social rights and also equal opportunities
  5. The ______ categorized public health activities into three broad categories called the _________ which are _____, _____ and ______.
    • Institute of Medicine
    • core functions of public health
    • assessment, policy development, and assurance
  6. What are the 10 essential public health services
    • 1. Monitor health
    • 2. Diagnose and Investigate
    • 3. Inform, educate and empower
    • 4. Mobilize community partnerships
    • 5. Develop policies
    • 6. Enforce laws
    • 7. Link to and provide care
    • 8. Assure a competent workforce
    • 9. Evaluate
    • 10. Research
  7. What are the three sections under the Constitution and what do they consist of?
    • Executive: President and Vice President
    • Legislative: Congress which is composed of House of Representatives and Senate
    • Judicial: Supreme Court
  8. Under the president is the ________ which includes the ________ and ________. One of them is the _______ which is the principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans. The leadership for that department is  by the ________
    • Cabinet
    • Vice president and 15 executive departments
    • Department of Health and Human services
    • Office of Secretary
  9. HHS is the principal agency for
    protecting the health of all Americans.
  10. WIC is administered through the ________
    Department of Agriculture
  11. What are the two agencies that deal with international public health and which is the oldest?
    • World Health Organization
    • Pan American Health Organization: Oldest
  12. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the ________ headquartered in _______
    • United Nations (UN)
    • Geneva, Switzerland
  13. What is the difference between the WHO and Pan American Health Organization?
    The World Health Organization deals with all countries in the world. The Pan American Health Organization, it deals with the western hemisphere headquartered in Washington, DC.
  14. In ____ , clinical trials of water fluoridation began in ________, and ________.
    • 1945
    • Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • Newburgh, New York
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