History T2

  1. what compromise permitted descendants of church members to be admitted as members with the full privileges, except for participation in communion
    Halfway Covenant (1662)
  2. when and where did the Great Awakening begin
    • Sunday in 1734
    • Northampton, Massachusetts
  3. sermon preached by Gilbert Tennent exposed the damage done by the preaching of unconverted ministers
    "On the Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry"
  4. Jonathan Edward's most famous sermon
    "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
  5. Greatest thinker America has ever produced
    Jonathan Edward's
  6. George Whitefield preach how many sermons publicly
  7. most powerful English voice of the great awakening
    George Whitefield
  8. first black female writer in America
    Phillis Wheatley
  9. Best known missionary to the Indians
    David Brainerd
  10. what war broke out between England and France in 1754
    French and Indian War
  11. Benjamin Franklin's proposed plan for union of the colonies
    Albany Plan (1754)
  12. became England's prime Minister in 1757
    William Pitt the Elder
  13. what treaty concluded the French and Indian War 

    • Peace of Paris 
    • 1763
  14. Acts by parliament established between 1650-1696 to establish a mercantile policy for the colonies
    the Navigation Acts
  15. most important British agency established in the British colonies
    Board of Trade
  16. What theory states a colony exists for the benefit for the benefit for the Mother Country
  17. who became king of England in 1760
    King George III
  18. which act cut in half the tax on raw sugar
    The Sugar Act of 1764
  19. the most hated act
    The Stamp Act of 1765
  20. who established the Sons of Liberty
    Sam Adams
  21. the young Irishman in Parliament who defended the position of the colonies
    Edmund Burke
  22. The three most important colleges created during the Great Awakening
    Princeton, Brown, Rutgers
  23. 1763
    Proclamation line
  24. Stood up against the sugar act
    James Otis
  25. Act that declared colonies subordinate to England; Parliament had power to pass laws on colonies for all matters
    Declaratory Act (1766)
  26. who wrote "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies"
    John Dickens
  27. "give me liberty or give me death"
    Patrick Henry
  28. Acts passed by parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party
    Intolerable Acts
  29. group of acts passed in 1767 that attempted to control taxes on colonists
    Townshend Acts
  30. new prime minister of England in 1770
    Lord North
  31. name of the British ship burned by the colonists in 1772
  32. what was established 1774
    First Continental Congress
  33. "shot heard 'round the world"
    April 19, 1775
  34. Boston silver smith that rode through the night to warn his countrymen that the British were coming
    Paul Revere
  35. who captured the British stronghold Fort Ticonderoga
    Ethan Allen (leader of the Green Mountain Boys)
  36. first major battle of the War for Independence
    Battle of Bunker Hill
  37. president of the Second Continental Congress
    John Hancock
  38. cammander and chief of the army appointed by the continental congress
    George Washington
  39. what fort was captured by the Green Mountain Boys
    Fort Ticonderoga
  40. General who originally led troops in Boston
    Thomas Gage
  41. which act stopped all trade with the colonies
    Prohibitory Act
  42. who wrote Common Sense
    Thomas Paine
  43. Who led the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  44. Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776
  45. who wrote Commentaries on the laws of England 
    William Blackstone
  46. who proposed a resolution for independence
    Richard Henry Lee
  47. what group of people were apposed to Independence
  48. who proved to be America's most valued ally for the War for Independence
  49. French aid to general Washington
    Marquis de Lafayette
  50. who was the Prussian drill master
    Baron von Steuben
  51. the Polish Jew financier
    Haym Solomon
  52. Congress appointed super intendant of finance in 1781
    Robert Morris
  53. what was the turning point in America's War for Independence
    Battle of Saratoga
  54. which three British officers were supposed to meet at Albany, New York
    • Admiral Lord Richard Howe 
    • General John Burgoyne 
    • Colonel St. Leger
  55. "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"
    Nathan Hale
  56. Who was known as the "Swamp Fox"

    Who was known as the "Fighting Game Cock"
    • Francis Marion 
    • General Thomas Sumter
  57. who was known as the "Fighting Quaker"
    General Nathanael Greene
  58. brave captain of the Bonhomme Richard that said "I have not yet begun to fight"
    John Paul Jones
  59. what victory meant triumph for the patriot cause and where Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington
    Battle of Yorktown
  60. what treaty ended the War for Independence
    Treaty of Paris (1783)
  61. General who conquered Philadelphia
    Sir William Howe
  62. who won the Battle of Oriskany
    General Nicholas Herkimer (patriot general)
  63. what did the British call the French and Indian War
    7 Years War
  64. Patriot Leader that captured forts Kaskaskia and Vincennes
    George Rogers Clark
  65. American War Hero who seized two forts along stony point on the Hudson River
    Anthony Wayne
  66. surrendered to General Horatio Gates at Saratoga
    General Burgoyne
  67. name for the German mercenaries hired by King George III to fight colonists
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