1. how does IgG4 disease present
    • eosinophilia
    • lymphadenopath
    • pancreatisis
    • salivary gland involvement
  2. how does burger dz present
    • smoker
    • <45
    • negative ANA and RF
  3. what rheumatological markers are elevated in cryoglobulinemia
  4. what effect does NIPPV have on HF ptaitnest
    decreases preload and afterload
  5. who has the highest rate of suicide completion
  6. what is highly predictive of PJP
  7. can PJP have thin cavitary lesions
  8. how fast does AS progress
    0.1cm per year
  9. how frequently you follow 
    mild as
    moderate as
    severe as
    • 5 years
    • 2 years
    • 1 year
  10. risk factor for developing demenita
    silent infarcts
  11. rx for mild rosacea
    mod to severe
    • topical flagyl
    • oral
  12. next step in someone iwth sudden unilateral hearing loss
    audiogram and MRI
  13. wtd for hyperthyroid in pregnancy
    • PTU in 1st trimester
    • switch to MTZ
  14. rx for symptomatic hyponatremia even if Na is in the 120's
    hypertonic saline
  15. how is managemnt of pressure ulcer on the heel diff from other areas
    • you dont debride eschar ont he heel due to risk of OM
    • you reposition
  16. pt with dermatomysotis, next step
    investigate for cancer
  17. which po med can be used in CKD for DM
    repaglindie but it causes hypoglycemia
  18. which med can be used in CKD for DM
  19. rx for OCD
    • SSRI
    • exposure and response CBT
  20. how is eosinophilic pna diff from alveolar proteinossis
    alveolar proteins has central opacities vs eosinophilic pna has peripheral
  21. next step after 1st seizure
    • MRI and/OR EEG
    • if any abnormality, start AED
    • if normal dont need to start
  22. 2contraindications to percutaneous repair for MS
    • left atrial thrombus
    • moderate to mitra regurg
  23. fir which bug you continue dexamethasone in meningitis
  24. one cuase of elevated lipase
  25. skin tags are comon in whom
  26. do non dihydropyridine CCB have effect on proteinuria
    yes, like verapamil
  27. which supplements increase bleeding
    • ginko biloba
    • ginseng
    • saw palmetto
  28. any man or woman >50 that will be taking more than 7.5mg of prednisone for >3mo, shoudl be on wat
  29. how you treat MAI
    macrolide +rifampin+ ethambutol for 1 yr
  30. what ecg changes with ASD
    • HB
    • RAD
    • RBBB
    • right atrial enlargement
  31. 3 skin conditions associated ith hep c
    • lichen planus
    • cryo
    • intermitent porphyria
  32. malignancy caues what nephrotic syndrome
    minimal change
  33. if you have neurpathy or nephropathy with DM, you need to have the ohter?
  34. pt with isolated mediastinal lymphadenopathy, wtd
  35. can you biopsy EN for dx of sarcoidosis
  36. how you treat depressio in pregnancy
  37. when do you refer to urology for abrnormal psa
    • if >3 on 2 occasions
    • or >7 on 1 occasion¬†
    • or any abnormal DRE
  38. rx for babesia
    • azithromycin¬†
    • atovaquone
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