1. who gets AAA screning
    men only smokers from 65-75
  2. initial work up for tinnitus
    pulsaltile--imaging and ENT eval

    non=pulsatile- hearing test to rule out sensorineural hearing loss
  3. how does EKG look for acute pericarditis eventually
    diffuse TWI
  4. what predicts risk fo arrhthmia in tCA overdose
    QRS prolongation
  5. how do you treat QRS prolongation in TCA toxicity
    sodium biracbonate
  6. acute pain manamgemtn in vertebral compression fx
    long term?
    • calcitonin
    • long term is bisphosphonate
  7. is vertebroplasty beneficial for vertebral fx
    we dont know
  8. indication for ppx for gout
    • recurrent attacks
    • tophi
    • gouty arthritis on xray
    • nephrolithiasis
    • high uric acid excrectoin
  9. do you stop or change dose of allopurinol in gouty arthritis
  10. how does GVHD present
    • LFTS
    • rash
    • diarrhea
  11. rx for acute or chronic gvhd
    • steroids
    • immunosuppressnts
    • mtx, cyclosporine
  12. who gets necrobiosis lipodica
    DM patients
  13. pt iwth mild egg allergy, can you give inactivated flu vaccine
    severe allergy
    • yes and observe for 30 mins
    • if severe give recombinant
  14. a high sensitivity test affects NPV how
    a high specificity test affects PPV how
    • it increases it 
    • it increases it
  15. rx for acute intermittent prophyria
    glucoes loading and hemin
  16. abd pain, constipation, dark urine
    acute intermittent porphyria
  17. rx for alopecia aerata
    intralesional steroid or topical
  18. pt with breast ca, has +brca1 and 2 wtd
    give elective salpingo-oophorectomy
  19. do you give exchange transfusion in acs in ss
    yes if more than 2 lobes of hte lung involved and very hypoxemic
  20. what med to avoid with SGLT2-canagiflozin
    diueritcs and anti-hypertensives
  21. peritoneal dialyssi associated peritonitis rx
    interaperitoneal cefepime and vanco
  22. criteria for diagnosis peritoneal catheter associated peritonitis
    wbc>100 or >50% neutrophils
  23. rx for warts
    salicylic acid or liquid nitrogen
  24. rx for cryoglobulinemia
    • treat underlying cause e.g HCV
    • immunosuppresion
    • plasmapharesis
  25. fever arthralgia, EN after travel to southwestern us
    • coccidio
    • rx is azoles
  26. rx for painfull coniditons like oa
  27. what happens to dreams and body movments in REM sleep
    you dream but are paraluzed
  28. what is REM sleep disorder
    you are not paralyzed and act out your dreasm
  29. wtd for mild bph
    behavior modificaiton
  30. rx for esbl
  31. the only murmur ath gives a thrill
  32. anti synthetease ab are what
    jo-1 in myositis
  33. what med for pericarditis increases recurrence
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