1. sore throat, +rash
  2. when is rash seen iwth mono
    after penicillin is given, otherwise no rash
  3. when do you do HD for lithium overdose
    level of 4 or 2.5 with signs of toxicity
  4. 2 most common causes of ICH
    • hypertensive¬†
    • Cerebral amyloid angiopathy
  5. suspecting perforation, next step after xrays are negative
    gastrograffin CT scan
  6. can loops cause gout
  7. what meds for fistulas in crohsn
    • aza
    • 6mp
    • infliximab
  8. is pseudo gout ruled out with no crystals on microscopy
  9. next best step for suspected OM
    xrays and ESR, if + MRI, if MRI inconclusive, bone scan
  10. osa can lead to what
    • hypertesnion
    • pHTN
    • arrhythmias
    • HF
  11. GN vs AIN
    GN-proteinuria, RBC casts
  12. how many tests do you need to rule out hp
    2 in high risk patients
  13. do you do 2nd look endocsopy for duodenal ulcers?
    no but you may for gastric ulcers
  14. what prevents ACS in SS
    hydroxyurea and incentive spirometry
  15. how to diagnose ACS in SS
    infiltrate + CP, fever, hypoxemia
  16. rx for primary raynauds
  17. pt on reglan has SE, wtd
    stop reglan and start promethazine
  18. can you give NAC for non tylenol ALF
  19. do you do surveillance with EGD with somone who has FAP?
  20. when do you treat acute hep b
    with fulminant disease or protracted state
  21. rx for chronic pancreatitis
    • trmadol
    • pregabalin
    • tca
  22. how often should patients with serrated polyp syndrome be getting colonoscopy
  23. salvage therapy for h.pylori shold contain what ab
    something instead of clarithromycin
  24. rx for NET if <1cm
    resect it, no octerotide scintigraphy
  25. diff between juvenile polyposis syndrome vs solitary polyposis syndrome
    juvenile you have to scope them frequently

    with solitary where they only have it in the rectum you dont scope them again after 1st time
  26. when TPMT lvels are low, what do you use for maintenance of remission
  27. who gets HCC surveillance for chronic hep B
    • somalians
    • asians
    • chronic hep B with elevated ALT and DNA
    • cirrhotics
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