1. evaluation of suspected bronchiectaiss
    • HRCT
    • Immunoglobulins
    • cultures for bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, CF testing
    • IF liver or emphysema present, only then do A1AT testing
  2. ab for SIBO syndrome
    • flagyl +cipro
    • rifaximin
  3. long term complications and what screening should be done in patients who receied chest RT
    • mammography
    • TSH levels
  4. how long do you do PET/CT for NHL
    for 5 years, after that you dont unless you suspect recurrence
  5. what electrolytes anormalities are common in endurance atheles after they finish their sport
    • hyponatermai-nausea vomiting and seizures
    • hypernatremia-collapsed runner
  6. best way to decease bp
    dash diet
  7. 4 spondyloarthropathies
    • AS
    • Psoriatric arthritis
    • reactive arthritis
    • IBD associated arthritis
    • they may have enthesitis
    • uveitis
    • sacroilitis
  8. rx for otitis externa
    topical ab and steroids
  9. where does adenocarinoma occur vs other cancers of the lung
    • adeno in periphery
    • everything else is central
  10. autimmune hemolytic anemias are coombs + or neg
  11. how do you prevent TLS
    • if uric acid is high, give rasburicase, 
    • if uric acid is not high can give allopurinol
  12. odynophagia in HIV patient but no thrush, next step
  13. when to use dig ab
    • cardiac arrhythmia
    • renal failure/ams
    • high potassium
  14. pt develops hypothyoiridsm on amiodarone, wtd
    add levo
  15. pancreatic function returns to normal after onset of T1DM
    yes so you need to back of insulin
  16. when do you do HD for hypercalcemia
    if ca level >18
  17. pt with medullary thyroid cancer, wtd next
    • check for pheo first
    • check PTH level after
  18. what kind of surge do you see in PCOS
  19. can you use neosporin in open wound
    no bc it leads to contact dermatitis
  20. rx for waldenstrons
    plasmapharesis and fludrabine
  21. screening for Dm and you get an abnormal test, wtd
    repeat the abnormal test
  22. wtd after surgery for thyroid cancer that has +LN
    radioactive iodine
  23. rx for infertility with PCOS
    letrozole and clomiphene
  24. rx for compressive multinodular goiter
  25. what test can you do to confirm Pagets dz
    bone scan
  26. best test to diagnose menopause
    clinica, can give estrogen challenge
  27. when do you take teriparatide
    • if fractire on bisphosphonate
    • can only take it for 2 years
  28. common SE of zolendronate
    fever and myalgia
  29. OA and renal insufficiency, wtd
  30. indication for thyroid surgery
    • age<50
    • osteoporosis
    • hypercalcemia
    • hypercalciuria
    • kidney failure
  31. pt with hyperparathyroidism, refuses surgery, wtd
  32. xray with short 4th and 5th mcp, dx
  33. what dose of prednisone requires dexa monitoring
  34. the only cause of hypercalcemia with low phos
    primary hyperparathyroidism
  35. rx for mild opthalmopathy with graves
    • selenium
    • steroids
  36. lymhocytic thyroiditis usually occurs when
    post partum, give BB
  37. graves has what, more t3 or t4
  38. when do you do surgery for graves
    if with opthalompathy
  39. rx for graves
    ptu/methimazole but ultimately radioactive iodine
  40. rx for orhtostatic hypotension from DM
  41. can DM give you foot or wrist drop
  42. risk factor for gastroparesis
    fluctuating blood glucose
  43. cause for dm ulcer
    peripheral neuropathy, not PAD
  44. pt is NPO for procedure, wtd with glargine
    half it
  45. pt with diarrhea after starting metformin wtd
    continue it
  46. what meds can you start in advanced ckd
  47. hemolysis has what effect on aic
  48. in what patients can you use fructosamine for glucose monitoring
  49. pt on DPP4, now has joint pain and swelling, wtd
    stop it
  50. side effect of all DPP4
    pancreatitis and joint pain
  51. 1% AIC is how much mg/dl
  52. side effect of repaglinide
    hypoglycemia, can use it in RF
  53. how to follow acromegaly treatmetn
  54. rx for acromegaly
    octreotide and surgery
  55. pt on bromocriptine, gets pregnant
    • if no visual field abnormality, stop it
    • if +visual field abrnormality, start it
  56. pt iwth prolactinoma, wants babies, give bromocriptine
  57. 5 syndromes cause by small cell lung
    • ACTH
    • SIADH
    • Lambert eaton
    • carcinoid
    • SVC
  58. what lung ca gives you gynecomastia
  59. metastatic bone pain, not relved with fentayl, wtd
    strontium 89
  60. do seminomas have elevation of Beta hCG and AFP
    • no, 
    • but non-seminomas do
  61. wtd for seminoma stage 1,2,3
    • 1 and 2
    • RT
    • stage 3, chemo
  62. what cancers make up non-seminomas cancesr
    • yolk sace tumor
    • teratoma
    • choriocardinoma
    • embryonal carcinoma
  63. liver with single mets, wtd
    resect it
  64. seminoma or non-seminoma responds to RT
  65. is follicular lymphoma, low or high grade
    low, can do local RT
  66. what virus causes post renal transplant lymphoma
  67. rx for symptomatic MM
    what about relapse

    relapse- bortuzamab
  68. pt with G6PD def, can you give rasburicase
  69. ppx prior to bortuzimba
  70. what 3 malignancies can cause hyperviscosity
    • PCV
    • waldenstrons
    • leukoemia
  71. best way to differentiate MGUS and MM
    BM bx
  72. IgM or IgG in MM
    • IgG
    • IgM in waldenstrons
  73. what gives marantic endocarditis
    lung adenoca
  74. in what cancer do you do prophylactic brain RT
    lung small cell
  75. how to prevent N/V with ca
    zofran, dexamethasone, aprepitant
  76. wtd when wnating to swtich from insulin to oral meds
    glucose and Cpeptid
  77. rx for hypergonadotropic hypogonadism
  78. test to check in central hypothyroidism
  79. when to treat pagests
    • high ca
    • symptomatic
    • vertebra involved
  80. pt with primary hyperparathyroidism not meeting criteria for surgery, wtd
    supplement vit d
  81. adrenal mass what tests to do
    • cortisol and metanephrine
    • only do aldosterone and renin if HTN
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