1. how you manage prolactinoma in pregnancy
    monitor visual fields
  2. if symptomatic, wtd for pregnant woman with prolactibnoma
  3. wtd when wanting to swtich from insulin to oral therapy in ketosis prone DM
    check glucose and C-peptide
  4. rx for hypergonadotropic hypogonadism like turners
    estrogen and progesterone
  5. how to manage prolactinoma in pregnancy
    monitor visual fields
  6. if patient has symptomatic prolactinoma in pregnancy, wtd
    give bromocriptine
  7. 2 times to check ionized calcium
    • in ruling out pseudohypercalcemia
    • i.e dehydration
    • elevatd proteins like in MM
  8. goal for ca in urine and serum after parathyroid surgery
    • urine <300
    • serum 8 to 8.5
  9. rx for invasive aspergillosis
  10. if a first degree relative has cancer, when do you do colonoscopy
    alwasys 10 year earlier
  11. chemo for what stage in colon ca
  12. rx for stage 1 anal ca
    chemo and radiation
  13. papillary thyroid cancer is followed how
    thyroglobulin ab
  14. chromosome for BRCA1 and 2
    17 and 13
  15. when do you give chemo in breast ca
    if size >1cm or +LN
  16. most common breast ca
  17. if ER+, HER -ve and +RTPCR21, wtd
    if intermediate or high, give chemo
  18. who gets RT in breast ca
  19. SE with tamoxifen
    • thromboembolism
    • endometrial hyperplasia
  20. how to decrease risk for breast ca
  21. when to do breast surgery for breast ca
    in 2nd or 3rd trimester
  22. rx for hot flashes from tamoxigen or aromatase inhibitor
  23. risk factors for breast and endometrail ca
    more ovulations the worse
  24. when to do pelvic U.S to screen for cancer
    hx of dermatomyositis or family hx of breast or ovarian ca
  25. metastatic prostate ca refractory to anti androgens, wtd
    radium 123
  26. which ca is metastatic at diagnosis
    small cell ca
  27. most common lung ca
    non small cell ca
  28. rx for stage 1 and 2 in non smal cell lung ca, ie, >2cm frm carina and no LN in stage 1 and +LN in stage 2
    chemo and sx
  29. rx for stage 3a, cancer <2cm from carina, c+LN and involving resectable structure
    stage 3B, involving unresectable structure and +LN on contralateral side
    stage 4
    • chemo, sx, RT
    • chemo then RT

    chemo-erlotinib, VEGF
  30. rx for small cell in one hemithorax
    Extensive disease
    • chemo, RT lung, RT brain
    • chemo and RT brain
  31. when doyou do MIBG scan in pheo
    if tumor is >10 cm
  32. is high or low contrast suggestive of benign disease
  33. dense suprasellar calcification , dx
  34. when do you do free test level
    obesity or elderly
  35. how are turners and klinefelter the same
    both have failure of primary organ of reproduction i.e ovaries and testis
  36. when do you do prostate biopsy based on psa level
    if it increases by 2 in 1 year
  37. how do you treat hypotension from viagra an dnitrates
    trendelenberg and phenylephrine
  38. rx for female hyposexual disorder
  39. pt with hirsutism, wtd
    • dheas
    • testo
    • cortisol
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