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  1. Preemption Doctrine
    • conflict between federal and state statutes
    • - federal always trumps state, unless state is more stringent
  2. attorney general opinions = lawjQuery110104333017041649827_1501801078309?
    NO, they are guidances so you couldn't be criminally tried for not following the opinion, but can be civically tried d/t not following "standard of care"
  3. legal actions against pharmacists?
    • civil
    • - usually between individuals, where money compensation is involved d/t individual being harmed/injured by pharmacist actions
    • criminal
    • - when law broken and government entity brings action
    • - falls on infraction, misdemeanors, or felony classifications (usually misdemeanor)
    • administrative
    • - involves SBOP taking action against pharmacists license
  4. California State Board of Pharmacy Members?
    • 13 members
    • 11 appointed by governor
    • 2 appointed by committee of state Senate and Speaker of Assembly
    • 7 must be RPH with 5 in at least one of the following settings
    • -acute care hospital
    • -independent community pharmacy (pharmacist cannot own >4 pharmacies)
    • -chain community pharmacy (75 or more pharmacies in Cali)
    • -long-term healthcare or SNF
    • -member of labor union representing pharmacists
    • 6 non-pharmacists
  5. State Board Inspectors and Executive Officer of the Board = Pharmacists? don't need to be registered pharmacists
  6. written drug order requirements for NP, CNM, PA
    • printed name, address, phone # of supervising prescriber
    • printed/stamped name and license number of NP, CNM, PA
    • signature of NP, CNM, PA
  7. pharmacy technicians can call for refill requests? YES. but if Rx expires (aka > 1 year old) - then cannot, needs pharmacist or intern to take over call b/c technically now a new rx
    • for schedule III-IV meds - then if it exceeds 5 refills, 120 days of refills, or 6 months (whichever comes first) - then technically new rx and pharmacist or intern must take over call
    • for schedule V meds - if exceeds 6 months or no more refills, then new rx and pharmacist or intern must take over call (CHECK)
    • -
  8. DEA FORMS: 224, 225, 363, 222, 106, 41
    • 224 - registration form for retail rx, hospitals/clinics, practitioners, teaching institutions, mid-level practitioners
    • 225 - registration form for manufacturers, distributors, researchers, analytical labs, import/exporters
    • 363 - registration form for narcotic tx programs
    • 222 - ordering schedule I and II drugs
    • 106 - reporting theft or significant loss of CS
    • 41 - record of CS destroyed
  9. DEA 222 Forms Copies
    • Copy 1 = brown (always goes to whoever sends the drugs)
    • Copy 2 = green (always goes to the DEA from the person who sends the drugs)
    • Copy 3 = blue (always goes to whoever gets the drugs)
    • brown --> green --> blue
    • (how the water from the mountain flows down to the ocean)
  10. nonscheduled drugs or C-III through V, if lent/borrowed/sold/bought between pharmacies: Who keeps records?
    • BOTH parties involved
    • record - item transacted, date, name of drug, strength, amount, who made transaction, and if lent/borrowed/sold/bought
    • keep records for 3 years
  11. report pending bankruptcy, insolvency, or receivership within?
    72 hours to SBOP
  12. How long till report to SBOP: change in licensee's residential address; ownership change of pharmacy; drug robbery of CS; fire destroying 80% of rx inventory
    • 30 days
    • side note:
    • - fires can result in smoke, ashes, or moisture... if drug package exposed, then its adulterated and must be reported to SBOP and DEA (if scheduled)
  13. can employee or pharmacist deliver medication to a pt?
    YES, but make sure it only goes to designated parties (DUH)
  14. Prescription Pricing Info
    • - give current retail price for any drug sold at rx upon walk-in request of consumer
    • - if request for rx prices of >5 drugs, can charge reasonable fee as long as I tell them that
    • - not required to give price quotes for >3 requests for 5 or more rx drugs from any one person or entity in 6 month period
    • - not obligated to provide drug prices if coming from person out of state
    • - no need provide price for CS rx if request via telephone
    • - not required to give price to competitor
    • - you must display somewhere in pharmacy that's readable by consumer:
    • - that price info is available
  15. physicians can hold how many shares of a COMMUNITY pharmacy corporation?
    • 10%
    • if hospital or non-profit or HMO's --> can be exclusively owned by physicians
  16. prescribers are?
    • physician
    • surgeon
    • osteopathic medicine
    • optometry
    • naturopathic medicine
    • dentistry
    • veterinary medicine
    • podiatry
    • psychiatry (not psychologist)
  17. if blatant violation of the law
    not in best interest of the pt
  18. selling drugs to profit pharmacies from non profit pharmacies? PROHIBITED, can only be BORROWED!!
    non-profit can be sold to non-profit if sold to a walk-in customer and the sales are <1% of drugs purchased by the seller AND if emergency situation where no other soruces are readily available to meet emergency need
  19. minimum area of community pharmacy?
    reasonable area sufficient to accommodate for safe and efficient performance of rx-related activities
  20. if furnishing drug under state of emergency, what do I keep record of?
    • date, name, address of pt
    • name, strength, quantity of drug
    • prescribers name, address, phone number
    • no need reason, but should be documented
  21. if using central fill pharmacy, then whose labels and whose inventory are used?
    the central fill pharmacies, don't use other pharmacy's inventory that originally received the prescription
  22. physicians can only write CS rx's for people OTHER THAN THEMSELVES?
  23. for estrogen products, must provide the product package insert?
  24. CURES: controlled substance utilization and review evaluation system
    • - schedules II-IV reported weekly
    • - schedules II-III reported monthly if 48 hour or less rx
    • - schedule IV not reported if 48 hour or less rx
  25. apomorphine a controlled substance?
    NO, not in California
  26. PT Counseling?
    • not enough to offer to consult b/c pt can refuse/accept
    • - must orally consult pt unless hospital discharge med
    • - therefore cannot just provide written information, needs ORAL CONSULT
    • if pt not present (aka MAIL ORDER or DELIVERY) --> responsibility shifted to pt to request consult... so pharmacist DOES NOT HAVE TO call pt, but they should receive a written notice of right to request consultation, and telephone number to call for consult
    • if hospital discharge, person other than pharmacist can provide pt consulting
  27. out of state prescriptions?
    • if written by out of state prescriber, if non-scheduled drug then treated as if written by Cali prescriber. aka can dispense rx directly to pt
    • if CS (II-V) issued by out-of-state prescriber, can be filled and DELIVERED/MAILED to pt as long as the rx meets the requirements for CS rx's of the state where it's written
    • - helps accommodate pts who use out-of-state mail order pharmacies
    • cannot dispense C-II rx's to pt if written from out-of-state prescriber (only can deliver)
    • can dispense C-III through V DIRECTLY to pt if written on california security form or if orally authorized
  28. if your pharmacy has no record of the prescription, it's illegal to dispense a rx to the pt
  29. mandatory counseling points
    • directions for use
    • directions for STORAGE
    • importance of compliance
    • precautions and relevant warnings
    • side effects or interactions
  30. pharmacy license voided, or pharmacy owner notifies the Board of intent to remain closed, how long till notifying board?
    within 10 days
  31. cream to ointment or ointment to cream without contacting MD?
    • NO, illegal. only can change if it would benefit the pt aka can't swallow so put tablet/capsule into suspension form
    • can't just change it b/c you're OOS
  32. internet non-scheduled rx's?
    must have name/initials of person sending it (prescriber or his/her designee) AND assurances that med was ordered as result of good faith exam by prescriber
  33. for animal prescriptions?
    need type of animal, name of owner and address of owner on prescription
  34. mercury thermometers require prescriptions?
  35. non-pharmacists can own pharmacies but not have possession of a key to the pharmacy?
  36. pts have the right to have their info withheld from entry into a common electronic network filing system?
    TRUE, but no waiver to sign to prevent this exists
  37. CS III-V refills?
    • 120 day supply (doesn't include first fill)
    • 5 refills max
    • 6 month period (for C-II's too, but don't have refills allowed)
    • MAKE SURE YOU NOTE THE DAY SUPPLY! not just the total days since rx filled (which is max 6 months)
  38. any disciplinary action in another state = disciplinary action for California?
  39. pharmacies that do specialized compounding can advertise they compound specific drug products?
  40. clinic pharmacies CANNOT dispense C-II rx's?
  41. if terminally ill pt from SNF or inpatient hospice and has C-II rx, partial fill?
    YES, must be partial filled within 60 days from the date rx written m
  42. pharmacies can furnish compounded products to prescribers for office use no more than a 72 hour supply?
    • YES (aka reasonable quantity)
    • - make sure to label with name/amount of each ingredient, total weight/volume, appropriate expiration date, and "Prescriber's Office Use"
  43. exemption 11159.2 is for what?
    terminally ill pts getting C-II rx's on regular rx blanks
  44. optometrists prescribing scope of practice?
    • must have the TPA designation
    • - variety of PO abx
    • - 3 day supply or PO codeine or hydrocodone when mixed with non-scheduled drug
    • - topical anti-inflammatory (including steroids)
    • - topical anti-glaucoma
    • - topical antivirals
    • - PO acyclovir
    • NOT IM or IV abx
  45. if board inspector issues citation to pharmacist or pharmacy, how long till appealing?
    within 30 days
  46. order of abatement
    something within the pharmacy must be corrected within a given time
  47. EC ok for 17 years old and older?
    • YES...but only for Plan B... (plan B one-step has no age restriction OTC)
    • - can give the 2 tablets at same time
    • can charge up to $10 admin fee for services rendered in addition to retail cost of EC drug if dispensed as RX (if OTC, no admin fee can be charged)
    • if providing EC under protocol (aka pt has no rx from prescriber, but wishes to use insurance) requires one hour of CE on emergency contraception... if OTC, no CE required
    • if OTC (aka plan B or plan B one-step), no counseling required, if under protocol, counseling required
    • only one drug ingredient exists under Plan B (2 tabs of levonorgestrel 0.75mg each) - must be 17 years old
  48. dispensing replaceable contact lenses?
    • YES:
    • -must register with Medical Board of Cali at time of initial app of license
    • -rx must contain state license # of prescribing practitioner before filling
    • -expiration date on label must state no more than 1 year from date of last prescribing exam
    • -no generic substitution
    • -must provide pt with following notice:
    • "warning - if you have any unexplained eye discomfort, watering, vision change, or redness, remove lenses immediately and consult with eye doc"
  49. if CS, cannot be designated as PRN refills?
    • YES...
    • C-II's cannot be refilled
    • C-III through V must have designated amount of refills on rx
  50. changing brand to generic drugs?
    must communicate with pt that its saving money and ask for permission to dispense generic
  51. change of pharmacist address or name, change of PIC, change in pharmacy permit - notify board of pharmacy how soon?
    within 30 days
  52. veterinary drugs have on package labeling
    caution, federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian
  53. multispecialty clinic vs. surgical clinic:
    • multi can dispense whatever amount called for on rx
    • surgical can only dispense an amount no more than 72 hour pt need
  54. if you forget to renew your license, how long till you can no longer renew, reinstate, or restore it?
    • 3 years (YES)
    • but... if license retired... then cannot be reinstated to active license... need to retake licensing exams
    • - retired doesn't mean inactive... if inactive, then can reinstate before 3 years is up
  55. if rx transferred (even by email), can you omit prescriber's address, license class, and federal registry #?
    YES, if readily retrievable in receiving rx
  56. if non-scheduled drug, and pt runs out of refills, and cannot contact prescriber, then can you refill?
    • YES, if in your judgment it would interfere with ongoing care or adverse effects could occur.
    • you could just give 3 day supply, but you can also give the same amount as the previous refill
  57. if rx under court-ordered receivership, owner of pharmacy notifies SBOP how soon?
  58. if 5 or more rx prices are requested?
    • pharmacist can require a written statement of request but must respond within a reasonable time (10 days)
    • - may charge reasonable fee for each quotation, even though requesting customer doesn't get the rx's filled, as long as they know of this charge
    • pharmacy not required to respond to more than 3 requests of this type from any person within a six month period
    • can't add the price quote to the regular charge of getting rx filled
  59. immunizations and physicians and pharmacists
    • must be physician in charge, but doesn't need to be present
    • protocol that outlines who gets or doesn't get immunizations, and action if injury occurs
    • physician doesn't need to provide rx for each individual who qualifies for immunization
    • - notify PCP in 30 days
    • - vaccination reported to state/local immunization information system in 30 days (tell pt you did this)
    • - pt must be 3 years or older
    • National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - only protected from adverse reactions
  60. Quality Assurance Program on medication errors?
    • don't need to report to SBOP
    • names of personnel involved don't need to be on report
    • no need do med error report if it was corrected before getting to pt
    • do investigation within 2 business days
    • hold onto med error report for at least 1 year
  61. Cali Labor Codes... pharmacist = non-exempt employee... but what's the exception to non-exempt status of pharmacist?
    EXCEPTION - can work 8 hours/day and 40 hrs/week at one rx, and work full-time or part-time at another pharmacy independently owned/operated relative to first rx
  62. all herbals containing ephedrine or ephedrine-like products are still available OTC?
    NO, removed by FDA
  63. if storing records off-site, what do you need?
    • waiver from SBOP, NOT license
    • provide requested records to SBOP from storage site within 2 business days
  64. temporary pharmacy permit can be good for how long?
    180 days... if pharmacy sold to new owner
  65. can prescribers direct rx to be labeled with any info that is false/misleading?
    • YES, IF:
    • labeling necessary part of clinical/investigational study approved by FDA
    • OR
    • in medical judgment of prescriber, labeling is appropriate for proper treatment of pt (aka placebo in place of actual drug)
    • retain record stating the manner in which info on rx label varies from actual drug in container and documenting order of the prescriber to label the container in that manner. RETAIN FOR 3 years
  66. hospital 100 beds or less? what type of pharmacist required?
    • consultant pharmacist at least (must provide written reports/recommendations of pharmacy services at least quarterly)
    • you can dispense drugs without full-time pharmacist if:
    • - inpatients being discharged
    • - emergency cases under tx by hospital
    • - dispensing directly by physician to outpatients IF:
    • - physician determines immediate use is warranted
    • - physician believes no other rx available/accessible within 30 mins or 30 mile radius of hospital
    • - no more than 72 hr supply of drug
    • - properly label and dispense directly by prescriber
    • can't just dispense drugs for outpt use pursuant to physician's rx... needs requirements
  67. if rx closes or permit revoked, how long to notify board and arrange for transfer or all rx drugs to another rx or wholesaler?
    10 days... once transfer completed, notify SBOP immediately in writing
  68. if ordering schedule II drugs from out-of-state person, pharmacy must:
    forward true and correct copy of order, contract, or agreement for procurement of such C-II drugs to attorney general's office WITHIN 24 hour of transmitting order
  69. if C-II through C-V rx, when you change something on rx, what do you have to do?
    just talk to prescriber, document you talked to them about the error/omission
  70. how long do you keep HIPAA statements for (signed vs. unsigned)
    6 years
  71. CNM's can furnish rx's for C-II through C-V if they are registered with DEA and in accordance with physician's protocol and its furnished in connection with prenatal, perinatal, maternal or family planning?
  72. pharmacists and DEA #'s for furnishing controls?
  73. if PIC of pharmacy leaves, temporary PIC can be in charge for how long?
    • 120 days
    • you need application for proposed replacement PIC.... if denied, must propose another in 15 days and continue to do so until PIC approved... if unable to identify replacement in 30 days, can propose any pharmacist to act as the interim or temporary PIC for 120 days
  74. ephedrine products restrictions?
    • 3.6 g per day, 3 packages per day, 9 grams per month, 18 years or older, LOGBOOK
    • no need logbook for 60mg pseudoephedrine purchases
  75. "must refrigerate" or "shake well" a required AUXILIARY LABEL?
    NO, a required manufacturer label
  76. drugs that don't require child-proof containers?
    • NTG SL
    • isosorbide dinitrate SL or chewable 10mg or less
  77. refrigeration of medications (not freezing) temp?
    2.2 to 7.7 degrees celsius
  78. Clerk duties?
    • take rx's brought into pharmacy
    • answer non-prescriber phone calls
    • type labels
    • put drug back into rx drug stock (after fill)
  79. only have to report in 14 days of theft to state board if?
    • licensed person in pharmacy (pharmacist, intern, tech)
    • NOT CLERK...
    • just report in 30 days that drugs were stolen... can fire and notify police of course
  80. what other jurisdictions can we fill rx's for?
    guam, virgin islands, puerto rico, american samoa
  81. when rx considered closed?
    if not engaged in ordinary activity for at least one day each calendar week during any 120 day period
  82. continuing education course records?
    4 years
  83. compounding of sterile products in pharmacy licensing?
    • both community and hospital must have separate license for sterile compounding
    • renewable yearly subject to annual inspection by SBOP
    • nonsterile compounding = NO SEPARATE LICENSE REQUIREDf
  84. suboxone can only be used to treat addictions for what schedule?
    • III-V and NOT for C-II addictions
    • physician must be certified to prescribe the drug
  85. expiration date max on extemporaneous unit dose blister packs?
    1 year
  86. to have the word drug, or anything similar, OR characteristic rx or pharmacy sign... the store needs to have?
    a pharmacy... with license from SBOP
  87. what can CURES be used for?
    ONLY for accessing information for the care of his/her pts
  88. centralized hospital pharmacy in Cali can do compounding/preparation of extemporaneous unit dose packaging for?
    • any hospital owned by same owners
    • must be located within 75 miles of each other
    • must have barcoding to be used for checking accuracy of med admin at pt's bedside
  89. if newly licensed or renewed on or after July 1st, 2018... must complete at least 6 hrs of the required 30 hrs of CE in one of these areas?
    • emergency/disaster response
    • pt consultation
    • maintaining control of rx's drug inventory
    • ethics
    • substance abuse, (indications of red flags and pharmacists' responsibility)
    • compounding
  90. drug samples?
    • cannot sell, purchase, or trade or offer to sell, purchase or trade any drug sample
    • if provided drug sample by licensed prescriber, you could dispense pursuant to order by authorized prescriber to pt at no cost (excess rules doe)
    • - must have written/signed document that samples are to be provided to pts pursuant to rx
    • - must be on official government form and have: practitioner's name, address, professional designation, name/strength of sample, number provided, name of manufacturer, and signature of practitioner
  91. what can you tell pt about BP reading?
    • what it was
    • if low, normal, high
    • advise to consult with physician if deemed necessary
  92. font size on pt's label?
    • 12 point sans serif typeface
    • 50% of label contains:
    • - name of pt
    • - name/strength of drug
    • - directions for use
    • - condition or purpose if indicated on rx
    • suggested to be in bold or highlighted or color background to help
  93. can pharm techs sign for rx invoices deliveries?
    • NO... only pharmacist! (or pharmacist intern)
    • the designated representative term is for wholesalers or veterinary food-animal drug operations (this person doesn't have to be a pharmacist)
  94. lending, borrowing, selling, buying drugs between pharmacies?
    • nonscheduled and CIII-V require log book to record transactions
    • C-II's require DEA form 222
  95. naturopathic doctors scope?
    • independently prescribe:
    • - epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis
    • - nonscheduled natural/synthetic hormones (thyroid)
    • if controlled substance, can do III-V only if getting DEA registration number and pursuant to physician authorized protocol
  96. requirements for FDA approved drugs prescribed for non-FDA approved purpose? (aka off-label)
    • must be:
    • - life threatening condition with death potential HIGH
    • OR
    • - chronic and/or disabling condition that interferes with ADL's and condition may persist for years
    • AND
    • - reliable med lit supports use of drug for off-label purpose
  97. naloxone requirements for furnishing?
    • must notify PCP of naloxone furnishing OR enter info into pt record system shared with PCP
    • if no PCP, provide written record of drugs furnished and advise pt to consult with PCP
    • no prescriber protocol required
    • 1 hr of board approved CE required
    • naloxone only as IM or intranasal product
    • can provide to caregiver of pt
    • YOU MUST COUNSEL ON NALOXONE... pt cannot waive the counseling
  98. PIC of multiple pharmacies?
    • must not be more than 50 miles between the 2 pharmacies
    • cannot serve as PIC of more than 2 pharmacies
    • no pharmacist can be PIC of pharmacy as well as exemptee-in-charge of wholesaler or veterinary food-animal retailer
  99. furnishing hormonal contraceptives
    • pt must fill out questionnaire to decide whether pt candidate
    • no need good faith exam by physician
    • must notify PCP that furnished hormonal contraceptive
    • can furnish PO, TD, VAG, or DEPOT injections in accordance with protocol approved by CALI SBOP and Medical Board of Cali
  100. Advanced Practice Pharmacist?
    • PGY1 of accredited postgraduate institution with 50% of experience in direct pt care with interdisciplinary teams
    • must have provided clinical services for at least one year under collaborative practice agreement with physician
    • earned certification in relevant area of practice
    • - ambulatory care, critical care, geriatrics, nuclear, nutrition support, oncology, pediatric, or ACPE recognized organization
    • fellowship DOESN'T COUNT
  101. self-assessment form?
    • by July 1st of every odd numbered year
    • kept at pharmacy for 3 years, not sent to SBOP
    • if PIC change, must send in within 30 days to SBOP
    • only done by PIC
  102. settlements and awards?
    • if award >$3000 of a claim or action for damages for death or personal injury caused by negligence, error, or omission in practice... by person who holds license...
    • - must report within 30 days to SBOP
  103. Cali SBOP has how many members serving?
    • 13
    • 7 of which are licensed pharmacists
    • 5 of which are actively engaged in pharmacy practice
  104. Cali SBOP responsible for?
    • enforcing laws associated with pharmacy practice (disciplinary action
    • conducting licensing exams
    • investigating violations of law by Board licensed personnel
    • adopt regulations that protect the consumer
    • statute making is from the Cali State Legislature
  105. if internet pharmacy, who do you register with?
  106. veterinary drug-food retailer laws?
    • Cali SBOP responsible for licensing
    • operator doesn't need to be pharmacist (they are exemptee in charge or EIC)... must be high-school graduate with one year of training in veterinary drugs
    • renew license yearly
    • if EIC resigns, report leaving within 30 days to SBOP
  107. if prescriber faxes over nonscheduled rx:
    • then can use this as hard copy
    • cannot fax schedule III-V from pharmacy to pharmacy
    • - can fax C-III through V from prescriber to pharmacy (must reduce to hard copy... and potentially call)
  108. electronic prescribing? needs approval from Cali SBOP and DOJ
    • - must be authorized by federal law and regulations with DEA
    • must be done under "e-prescribing" program
  109. hypodermic needle and syringes?
    • no need logbook
    • - can furnish without rx if person known and has previously gotten rx or other proof of legitimate medical need for the needle/syringe to administer med or treatment
    • - if for animal use its OK
    • - if for special declared disease prevention programs (AIDS, hep C prevention)
    • (can give as much as you want)
    • - must be 18 years old
  110. tech check tech programs?
    • must be done at acute care hospitals that have ongoing clinical program where pharmacists are in pt care areas
    • - still must be originally checked by pharmacist
    • - must have P and P and specialized training by tech
  111. DEA Form 222, who can order C-II's?
    • doesn't have to be pharmacist, but must be registered with DEA
    • can be authorized under "power of attorney"
  112. CS inventory
    • C-II's must have ACCURATE COUNT
    • - this is also done every 3 months and kept for 3 years
    • C-III through V must have:
    • - estimated count if <1000 bottle count
    • - accurate count if bottle is 1000 or more and open
  113. as directed or prn is ok for non-scheduled rx's?
    YES, not for controls because you need to know how often in order to calculate day supply and how long pt will be taking
  114. automated drug delivery systems (ADDS) in community pharmacies?
    pharmacy doesn't have to be open in order for pt to have access to ADDS device
  115. we must provide oral consultation to a patient in ALL CARE SETTINGS upon pt request?
    YES. but if pt cannot remember or keeps calling, could be worth while to get a competent representative to also know this information
  116. Travel Medicine CE?
    • 20 hours of specialized training of accredited travel med course
    • must complete 2 hours of CE focused on travel medicine from approved provider in addition to the other 30 hours of CE required Q 2 years
    • travel med regulation recently disapproved by office of admin law
  117. board and administrative law rules?
    separate... if admin law finds you innocent, board can still mess you up
  118. upon licensure or before July 1st, 2016 -- submit app developed by DOJ to obtain approval with CURES program
  119. if you don't have a drug, must you make an effort to fill it or see where pt can go to get it filled?
  120. selling iodine and tincture of iodine products?
    • restrictions... no logbook on amount purchased
    • betadine or povideon solution
    • - iodine content cannot exceed 1% in containers of 8oz or less
    • tincture of iodine
    • - iodine content cannot exceed 2% in containers of 1oz or less
  121. mobile pharmacies?
    • must have PIC, but doesn't always have to be there (can be other licensed pharmacist)
    • must be close to destroyed pharmacy
    • must not be operated for more than 48 hrs following restoration of permanent pharmacy
    • 3 calendar days of restoration of pharmacy, tell SBOP
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