1. presence of gastric ulcer with +HP, wtd
    biopsy to rule out ca
  2. when do you start warfarinfor hit pts
    when plt goes up to 150K
  3. abx with low risk for C.diff
    • Macrolides
    • Aminoglycosides
    • Tetracyclines
    • TMP-SMX
  4. fever, diastolicm murmur, embolization, dx
    atrial myxoma
  5. rx for actinic keratosis
    • resecting
    • phototherapy
    • 5FU or imiquimod
  6. dx for carcinoid syndrome
    24hour HIAA
  7. The only way to reduce risk of catheter associated bacteruria
    remove catheters when no longer needed
  8. when do you biopsy a thyroid nodule after U/S shows no concerning characteristics
    • if TSH is normal or high
    • or if TSH is low and its a "cold"nodule
  9. what is proctalgia fugax
    • episodic short lasting rectal pain it is functions
    • vs chronic proctalgia which is from sitting down
  10. signs of hypothyroid coma
    • everything is low
    • hypothermia
    • bradycardia
    • hypotension with small pulse pressure
    • hyponatermia
    • hypoglycemia
  11. suspecting hyperthyroidism, next step, RIAU
  12. which encephalitis give assymetric flaccid paralysis
    west nile
  13. jones cafe pal
    • joints
    • o-heart
    • n-odules
    • e-erythema marginatum
    • S-syndenham corrhea
    • CRP
    • Arthritis
    • Fever
    • ESR
    • P
  14. pateitns wtih ET can develop what other disorder
    von willebrand
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