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  1. se of Tofacitinib
  2. cyclic fever and arthritis
    familial meditereaina fever
  3. FMF responds to what
  4. rx for arthritis pain if cant use nsaid due to bleed
  5. rx for interstitil lung disease asociated with SS
  6. diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis
    multiple vertebrae involved
  7. in dd of scleritis, what should you consider
    anca vasculitis
  8. in which causes of myopathy are ESR and Ck elevated
    inclusion body myositis
  9. CK and ESR in polymyositis vs Polymyalgia rheumatica
    • CK in polymyositis
    • ESR in polymyalgia rheumatica
  10. next med after flare of SLE is controlled on steroids
  11. components of reactive arthritis
    • dactylitis
    • keratoderma blennorrhagicum
  12. pt on mtx, wants to get pregnant, wtd
    stop mtx 3 weeks before
  13. lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate on biopsy, mass infiltrates every organ and l.n, dx
    IgG4 related disease
  14. how does diffuse alveolar hemorrhage present
    hypoxemia, dropping H/H and diffuse pulmonary infiltrates in the setting of SLE
  15. Sarcoidosis + Eryrthema nodosum + arthitirs is what syndrome
    Lofgren syndrome, rx is nsaids
  16. how long do you continue gout prophylaxis for gout
    as long as there is tophi or active disease
  17. rx for AS
    NSAIDS but if not responding, MTX
  18. is there an increased risk of malignancy with polymyositis
  19. pink(salmon )colored, rash, fever, high ferritin
    adult onset still disease
  20. primary angitis of central nervous system
    rapid encephalopathy, must do angiography
  21. febuxostat should not be given with what med
  22. decreased pulses in bilateral arms, dx
  23. what drug should be stopped in SLE prior to pregnancy
  24. nerves at 2 different sites affected, dx
    mononeuritis complex
  25. what ab in SLE correlates with increasing disease activity
  26. pt failed allopurinol, failed or cannot take febuxostat, next step
  27. crowned dens syndrome
  28. rx for relapsing polychondritis
    steroids and other immunosuppressives
  29. how to dx takayasu
  30. rx for takayasu
    steroids and CCB
  31. causes of painfull loss of vision
    • glaucoma
    • ulcer-corneal
    • neuritis
    • keratitis
  32. how to dx PAN
    abdominal angiogram
  33. rx for PAN
    steroids and cyclophosphamide
  34. rx for familiar mediterranean fever
  35. FMF can lead to what
    ammyloidosis which can lead to RF and proteinuria and cardiomyopathy
  36. wegeners refractory to steroida and cyclo, wtd
  37. what can cause amyloidosis
    • FMF
    • RH arthritis
    • TB
    • MM
  38. pt with SLE started on steroids, now has encephalopathy, wtd
    control BP for progressive leukoencephalopathy syndrome
  39. transevrse meylitis
  40. what dose of prednisone for steroid induced psychosis? vs SLE
    • >20mg
    • <20
  41. rx for systemic sclerosis affecting skin
  42. bacterial overgrowth will have what b12 and folate
    low b12 and high flolate
  43. rx for raynauds phenomenon
  44. how to recognize pirmary vs secondary raynauds phenomenon
    nail fold capillary
  45. eosinophilic fascitis after playing outside
    rx is steroids
  46. what can mimic polymyositis
    colchicine and inclusion body myositis
  47. what predicts poor outcome in dermatomyositis
  48. rx for PMR and myositis is steroids
  49. what are the esr and CK in steroid induced myopathy
  50. causes of painless loss of vision
    • Retinal detachment
    • Retinal artery occlusion
    • Retinal Vein occlusion
    • Ischmic optic neuropthic
    • CVA
    • Hemorrhage Vitreouis
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