1. Iga Nephropathy vs minimal change disease
    • proteinuria in both but slow in onset in IgA nephropathy
    • + hematuria in IgA nephropathy but not in minimal change disease
  2. COP presents how
    VS IPF
    • similar to CAP with fever and has a "consolidation" on CT scan
    • IPF has dry cough, no fever, presents in an insidious manner
  3. insulin or metformin in pregnancy
    insulin but can use metformin as alternative
  4. can you give HRT for severe symptoms in menopause
    yes, if they dont respond give SSRI
  5. should you give something for traveler's diarrhea
    yes, macrolides or fq
  6. rx for chronic urticarial, first line
    h2 blockers
  7. rx for bilateral RAS
    ACEI, if
  8. when do you do angioplasty for bilateral RAS
    • if medically refractory
    • short duration
    • Heart failure
    • rise in creatinine
  9. how does testicular cancer look on US
    hypoechoic vs cystic(less likely its malignant)
  10. what is positive likelihood ratio
    • sensitivity/1-specifity
    • 1-sensitivit/specificty
  11. what is functional hypothalamic  amenorrhea
    low LH, TSH, estrogen
  12. how is facticious thyroidisit diff from all other thyroiditis
    thyroglobulin is low
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