Bio quiz 1

  1. which form of tranport expends energy
    active transport
  2. define osmosis
    the diffusion of water across a selectivel permeable membrane
  3. Chloroplast
    • make energy and sugar from sunlight
    • (plants only)
  4. Vacuoles
    Tranportation in cell
  5. Lysosomes
    Get rid of waste
  6. Nucleolus
    Ribosome production
  7. Golgi apparatus
    finishes, labels, and ships protiens
  8. The rough ER
    Helps complete protiens
  9. the smooth ER
    makes membranes
  10. The nucleus...
    (3 things)
    • 1. is the control center
    • 2. stores DNA
    • 3. makes messenger RNA
  11. how do cells move LARGE molecules?
    by using vacuoles and vesicles
  12. Active transport move substances from...
    regions of low concentration to high concentration, against the concentration gradient.
  13. simple diffusion moves molecules from...
    • regions of high concentration to regions of low concentration.
    • (fart in a room)
  14. what molecules play a key role in cell to cell recognition?
    membrane carbohydrates
  15. integral protiens areintegrated in the cell membrane and serve what purpose?
    to allow transport of specific protiens through the cell membrane
  16. Which part of the phospholipid is hydrophobic?
    the fatty acid tail
  17. Which part of the phospholipid is Hdrophilic?
    the Phosphate head
  18. What is the cell membrane made of?
    A Phospholipid Bilayer
  19. What move material around the cell?
  20. Cytoplasm is...
    The jell that holds organelles in place.
  21. The cell membrane's 2 main functions are...
    • 1. to seperate the cell from it's aqueous enviroment
    • 2. to control what enters the cell
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