1. rx for aspirin sens asthma
    leukotriene inhibitors
  2. aspirin sensitivity, you can use what for pain
  3. nsaid induced bronchospasm
  4. post viral hypersensitivity, does it resolve
    yes in 3 months
  5. woman with cough, normal PFTS and methachloine challenge test, dx
    non asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis
  6. how to diagnose exercise induced asthma
    exercise in the cold, FEV1 drops by 15%
  7. rx for exercise induced asthma
    SABA before exercies
  8. how to treat flushing with niacin
    add asa 30 min before
  9. how does cromolyn work
    stabilizes mast cells
  10. saba is not effective for exercies with asthma, wtd
    add cromolyn
  11. rx for abpa
    • start steroids
    • thiabendazole
  12. rx for asymptomatic fungal ball in a cavity
  13. rx for fungal ball with hemoptysis,
    surgery,not artery embolization
  14. what meds can casue hypersensitivity pneumonitis
    • MTX
    • sirolimus
    • rituximab
    • nitrofurantoin
  15. CD8>CD4 on BAL, dx
    hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  16. does hypersensitivity pneumonitis have eosinphils on BAL
  17. how is psittacosis diagnosed
    complement fixation and serology
  18. churg strauss pneumonitis
    asthma, IgE, neuropathy
  19. rx for churg strauss
  20. rx for strongyloides
  21. very peripheral infiltrates, +eos on BAL, ESR is high, dx
    chronic eosinophilic pneumonia
  22. smoker who quit smoking, has SOB, +eosinophils, CXR with ground glass appearance
    acute eosinophilic pna
  23. rx for alveolar proteinosis
    whole lung lavage
  24. what decreases risk of cOPD exacerbations
    moxi q2mo for 5 days
  25. does pulmm rehab decrease mrotality in copd
    we dont know
  26. for what FEV1 you do surgery
  27. does lung transplant increase mortliaty
  28. lung reduction surgery for whom
    b/l upper lobe emphysema
  29. can bariatric sx cause rhabdo
  30. lung resection with what FEV1
    Lung transplant with what FEV1
    • >20
    • <20
  31. how to screen for dyskinetic cilia syndrome
    inhaled nitric oxide test
  32. leading cause of death in cystic fibrosis
    cepacia burkdorferia, you give bactrim
  33. is surgical resection need for massive hemoptysis in CF
  34. bronchiolitis obliterans occurs after what
    • RA
    • Carcinoid tumor
    • Lung transplant
  35. rx for BOOP
  36. when can cryptogenic organized pneumonia occur
    after RA or other inflammatory conditions
  37. when do you give steroids for sarcoidosis
    with involement of any body organ, or high Ca
  38. CD4>CD8
  39. woman with painful nodules on the shin, cxr shows hilar adenopathy, wtd
    follow up in 3 months
  40. idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis rx
    • supportive therapy
    • pulmonary rehab, possibly steroids, pirfenidone, nintedanib.
  41. what does BAL show in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  42. what is asbestos exposure
    pleural and diaphragm calcified plaques
  43. sand blasting, stone/granite cutting can give you what
  44. what pneumonconiosis gives you higher incidence of MTB
  45. egg shell calcifications with hilar lymph nodes
  46. do pleural plaques in asbestos exposure cause lung impairment
    false, they do not
  47. biopsy of lung tissue shows giant cells with fibrosis
    histiocytosis x

    Langerhan cell
  48. premenopausal woman on OCP with pneumothorax, cholous effusion
  49. how to treat PHTN in pt with COPD
    oxygen therapy
  50. if on right heart cath, you get response to vasodilators, you treat with what
    nifedipine or diltiazem 

  51. what has been shows to decrease mortality in PAH
  52. PAH that is moderate, wtd
    if severe disease
    • give IV epoprostenol
    • severe--> inhaled iloprost
  53. which class of pulmonary HTN do you anticoagulate
    class I and Class IV
  54. what do you do with greenfield filter after 1 year
    remove it
  55. how long do you wear below knee compression stockings for dvt after anticoagulation
    2 years
  56. rhinitis medicamentosa, what is it
    • chronic use of vasoconstrictors and you get rebound congestion
    • Rx is stopping vasoconstrictors and starting intranasal steroids
  57. rx for klebsiella
    ceftriaxonea nd aminoglycoside
  58. hypoglycemia as SE from what abx
  59. tympanic membrane with hemorrhage, patchy infiltrates, dx
  60. common bacteria affecting copd
  61. pleuritic chest pain, 2 day hx of fever, no infiltrate, dx
    coxsackie which can also cause myocarditis
  62. rx for coccidiomycosis
    fluconazole, if disseminated-amphotericin
  63. prophylaxis for influenza in a nursing home during an outbreak
    oseltamivir for 2 weeks and vaccine
  64. what abx can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  65. cant tolerate INH for TB ppx, wtd
    rifampin x 4 months
  66. best rx ppx for PPD+
    inh and rifapentine for 3 months
  67. MDR TB, what should his roommate get
    Pyrazinamide and Ethambutol for 6 months
  68. HIV+, cavitary or afb + after 2 months of treatment, wtd
    rx for 9 months
  69. what drug improves outcomes in TB resistant to inh
  70. pt with OSA fails bipap, wtd
    hypoglossal nerve stimulator
  71. rx for narcolepsy
    • modafinil
    • methyphenidate
  72. best rx for central sleep apnea
    adaptive support ventilation
  73. BAL with +neutrophils
  74. BAL+ methanamine
  75. BAL +inclusion bodies
  76. BAL + foamy with lamellar inclusions
  77. BAL CD4>CD8
    hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  78. intermittent dysphagia tosolids in a young man, dx
    eosinophilic esophagitis
  79. rx for diffuse esphagael spasm
    PPI, if no response CCB
  80. rx for esoniophilic esophagitis
    • SFED, if no response
    • PPI
    • if no response
    • Budesonide
  81. pt with GERD, now has progressive dysphagia to solids, dx
    peptic stricture
  82. what do you need to ruleout prior to fundoplication surgery
    make sure there is good motility of esophagus
  83. type B gastritis occurs wehre and it is associated with what
    antrum, associated with H.pylori
  84. rx for h.p
  85. MEN1
    • pituitary
    • parathyroid
    • pancreatic
    • MENIIA
    • Parathyroid
    • Pheo
    • Medullary thyroid

    • Medullary thyroid
    • marfanoid
    • pheo
  86. ampulla of vater cancer is commonly seen with what syndrome
  87. how long does it take to develop pseudocysts
    4 weeks
  88. how much grams of fat in stool for chronic pancreatitis
  89. analgesia for pain for chronic pancreatitis
  90. what pancreatic cyst characteristics are worrisome
    • sice >3cm
    • biliary duct >1cm
    • solid component
    • thickening of cysts
  91. what ab in UC
    • p-anca
    • asca
  92. CD with perianal abscess,can start anti-tnf
  93. 3 diarrhea that present with nocturnal
    • IBD
    • Bacterial overgrowth syndrome
    • Microscopic colitis
  94. pt with UC, why do you do annual ultrasound
    rule out PSC
  95. rx for puchitis
  96. rx for ETEC
  97. rx for atypical HUS
  98. ciguatera toxin
    in fish, p/w paresthesia
  99. flask shaped ulcer
    amobeic colitis
  100. HIV, diarrhea, AFB+
    cryptosporidium, rx if nitazoxamide
  101. which diarrhea can give youa rash
  102. wtd if patient fails po vanco
    vanco pulse therapy or fidaxomicin
  103. what abx causes B1/NAP1 strain from c.diff
    cephalosporin and FQ
  104. rx for tropical sprue
    tetracycline +folic acid
  105. bacterial overgrowth has low or high folate
    high folate
  106. pas+, foamy macrophages, weightloss , asrthritis, diarrhea, LAD
    • whipple dz
    • rx is bactrim or tetracycline
  107. rx for SIBO
    flagyl and cipro
  108. intestinal lymphagiectasisa will have steatorrhea
  109. rx for uncomplicated diverticular disease
    mesalamine or rifaximin
  110. what med causes diverticulitis with perforation
  111. rx for acute mesenteric ischemia
    heparin then tpa
  112. rx for ogilvie
  113. rx for IPF that slows rate of fvc decline
    • pirfenidone
    • nintedanib
  114. are circulating immune complexes present in IPF
  115. what dz has egg shell calcifications of lymph nodes
    silicosis, increased incidence of TB
  116. rx fir CTEB
  117. can you do tpa for large ileofemoral dvt
  118. what bacteria is lancet shaped diplococci
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