1. All Star Lil' Sebastian
    • This indica dominant hybrid
    • Casper OG x Fruity Pebbles.
    • The highs are relaxing and sedative, the perfect strain for pain relief.
  2. King Louis XIII
    • a phenotype of OG Kush
    • that is well known for generating a powerful body-buzz and spacey mind-warp.
  3. Gelato 45
    • Thin Mint Cookies X Sunset Sherbert
    • While offering relief from stress, pain and depression, it also relaxes both your mind and body while keeping you energized enough for the experienced toker to have a productive day.
  4. Purple Cadillac
    • body relaxation and pain relief without the spacey cerebral effects.
    • The effects creep up on you
    • Blackberry Kush X Purple Urkle
  5. Lemon Larry
    OG Kush X SFV OG

    Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done.
  6. LA OG
    LA OG is a potent variety of medical cannabis with an earthy taste and a powerful head and body high.

    LA Confidential x OG Kush
  7. Green Kush
    Green Crack X Purple Kush

    an upbeat cerebral effect before inducing a heavy body sensation
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