1. Little wing
    ? New patient
  2. Sour tangos
    • Sativa dominate; east coast sour diesel x tangie
    • Fox hollow flora
  3. Ting
    High sierra holistic
  4. Orange Julius
    High sierra holistics
  5. Turbo diesel
    High sierra
  6. Gorilla glue #4
    Indica heavy heavy hybrid. Chen sister x chocolate diesel
  7. CBD shark
    Is a 80/20 indica dominant equal ration (1 to 1). Helps pain anxiety and inflammation without overly intoxicating effects by many high THC strains. Shark shock indica x a unknown CBD
  8. Joe OG
  9. Ghost OG
    Phenotype of OG lush. Potent and non intrusive helps pain insomnia depression anxiety
  10. SFV OG
    Indica leaning hybrid. OF kush x afghani takes a while to get the head high but once it kicks in everything will be fine
  11. La OG
    Indica potent helps with insomnia!
  12. Kosher tangie
    60/40 indica dominate. Kosher kush x tangie. Provide balanced effects that calm the body and lift your mood
  13. Yoda OG
    Indica dominant induces heavy relaxation of the mind and body. Helps anxiety and insomnia and helps appetite. Descendent of OG kush
  14. White widow
    Brazilian sativa landrace x resin heavy South Indian indica. Burst of euphoria and energy
  15. Green Cush
  16. Form GSC
    Greenway medical
  17. Mr. Good Chen
    Good chemistry nursery
  18. Lil Sebastian
    Deep roots
  19. King Louis xiii
    Indica good for insomnia. OG Kush x ?
  20. Cadillac purple
    Good for true body relaxation and pain relief without spacey cerebral effect.
  21. Gelato 45
    Thin mint cookies x sunset sherbert
  22. Green Cush
    Sativa. Energy and focus mental buzz. Skunk #1 x Afghanistan strain
  23. Pure haze
    Famous oldest sativa strain induces munchies
  24. Ting
    Sativa dominate Cinderella 99 x grape fruit. Eup
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