1. rx for myasthenic crisis
    plasmaphareiss and IgG + steroids
  2. rx for dry AMD
    Rx for wet AMD
    dry-smoking cessation, zinc, vitamin-antioxidant

    Wet- VEGF inhibitors- bevaclizumab
  3. in presentation how is dry vs wet AMD
    • dry is slow
    • wet is fast
  4. drusen deposits are seen when
    in AMD
  5. myopia vs presbyopia
    • myopia- cants see well far
    • presbyopia-cant see well near
  6. cataract people cant see well near or far
    far, they are myopic
  7. rx for psoriatric arthritis
    • nsaids
    • mtx=not in liver disase
    • anti-tnf in hep C but caution in hep b, need to measure Hep B DNA before
  8. flashing lights, floaters, dx
    retinal detachemnt'
  9. pt with peripartum cardiomyopathy, can they get pregnant
  10. 3rd nerve palsy, next step
  11. does diabetes affecting CN3 usually affects pupils
  12. eye that is down and out, what CN
  13. when should you not start early feeding
    severe hypotension requiring vasopressors
  14. rx for GBS and MG
    same- plasmpharesis and Immunoglobulins
  15. diff between GBS and Transverse myelitis
    • areflexia in gbs because it affect LMN
    • hyper-reflexia in TM because it affects UMN
  16. what position best for S3
    left lateral decubitus with bell
  17. 2 most common causes of spherocytosis
    • hereditray spherocytosis and AIHMA
    • next step in Directo antiglobulin test
  18. test for hereditary spherocytosis
  19. when do you treat sinutisis
    after 10 days,fever,
  20. when do you treat ITP
    if plt ,30K
  21. what tests are needed for ITP evaluation
    • basic, smear and HIV, HCV
    • if >60, need BM to r/l MDS
  22. best test to differentiate asthma from COPD
    complete bronchodilator reversibility
  23. urinary retention with how much mL
  24. 2 common causes of delirium in elderly
    • UTI
    • Urinary retention
  25. can levels of DHEA be elevated in PCOS
    yes but it is mild not excessive and there is no virilization
  26. rx for epiglotitis-empiric
    ceftriaxone and vancomycin
  27. worsening of CHF with BPH, wtd
    increase diuresis first, then treat BPH
  28. how do you follow hyperthyoiridism
    t3 and t4
  29. renal vein throbosis is common in what patients
    with nephrotic syndrome >10grams of protein/day
  30. do you test every adrenal incidentilloma
    yes, test for cushing, metanephrines, aldosterone producing tumors
  31. rx for porphyria cutanea tards
    • phlebotomy
    • hydroxychloroquine
    • iron chelation-deferoxamine
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